Nurture the Body, Qi and Spirit Together- The Experience in Practicing the Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin(Ⅰ)
Stand in parallel, bend the knees slightly, hang arms naturally at the side of the body, open the shoulder blades, and then sink the shoulders with the relaxation of the body.
Analysis on the Learning and Practice of Health Qigong•Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang through the Routine Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing)(Ⅱ)
Beginners commonly use the natural breathing methods. After reaching the coordination and coherence of the body and stick, the exercisers can practice coordinating with the breathing.
Analysis on the Learning and Practice of Health Qigong•Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang through the Routine Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing) (Ⅰ)
Practicing Health Qigong aims to achieve the healthy state, which integrates the body movements, qi and spirit. And Health Qigong•Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang is based on the traditional cultural ideas of Tai Chi, the balance of Yin and Yang, interior and exterior harmoniousness and the unity of heaven and man, which precisely embodies that purpose.
“Materialization” is the Aesthetic Goal of Health Qigong Exercise
After the “peak experience”, the exerciser shall experience a process of “freedom” and transcendence till he achieves the “Materialization”. “Materialization” is a concept from “Equality of Things” in Zhuang Zi. It refers to the state of the fully unification of self and things in the around world. This is a real state in the aesthetics, and also a dispensable basis of aesthetics. So the process of taking “Materialization” as the aesthetic subject is an absolute state of the unification of self and things, as well as the object and the subject.
“Peak Experience” is the Aesthetic Process of Health Qigong Exercise
In Health Qigong teaching, due to its characteristics, besides demonstrating the exercising techniques, the teacher should also focus on its exercising principles and cultural essence, and help the exerciser to achieve quiescence with various practicing
The Health Care Mechanism of “Able Men Bending down to a Routine Post”
First, massage and relaxation of the heart. Starting the routine of “Able Men Bending down to a Routine Post”, you need to lift your left heel and bend your right knee at the same time while moving center of gravity to the right leg;
“Quiescence” is the Aesthetic Foundation of Health Qigong Exercise
It is universally acknowledged that every sport has its own special preparations, while for Health Qigong, whether a static exercise or a dynamic exercise is employed, the only aim of the preparation is to concentrate the exerciser’s mind and to relax his body till he acquires the “Quiescence”.
Quiet Is More than Words(Ⅱ)
Meanwhile, the meditation and be wordless are quite essential for the practice of Health Qigong. It would be the best time to enter the meditation state when achieving the integration of three regulations.
Thoughts on Guiding and Leading Qi Through Channels and Collaterals when Practicing the Routine of Moving the Hands down the Back and Legs and Touching the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys
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