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location: Frist page Experiences Exchange "Experiencing" is the Main Means to Obtain "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills" of Health Qigong.
"Experiencing" is the Main Means to Obtain "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills" of Health Qigong.

Only when "Three Regulations"of Health Qigong and “Mental Life Structure" are corresponding, can the effect of " "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills" be shown.  Then, in what occasions can they be said to be corresponding? It is because of many years of experiencing that many experts and scholars of Health Qigong know well about the truth about the Health Qigong. Of course, only "Mental Life Structure “being a kind of relatedness, can it function. That is when exercisers sensed the relatedness and integrity of the “Three Regulations" continually, can they experience deeply and then find their "Bay of Thoughts"

What is the kind " Bay of Thoughts: that Health Qigong as "a carrier" of "Mental Life Structure” is pursuing? Health Qigong is a kind of inner cultivation and is the inner trend of the health culture derived from "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills".   Therefore, exercisers or instructors must follow the way of "Experiencing". To be precise, in the course of Health Qigong practice, self ideas and personal considerations shall be avoided so that to build a better heart state by adjusting the heart into a state of free of disturbances. However, this is not the ultimate purpose of the "Experiencing" but to cultivate to the degree of "Inner World". (If not listening, then one should keep his heart pure, while listening keeps Qi smooth.   One can't hear without ears while one can't be healthy with an uncultivated heart.   Qi is one of matters for keeping one healthy. If one's Qi is well, then his heart must be pure and be up to the "Inner World" The World of the World is the true "Bay of Thoughts" of Health Qigong. This bay can be described as “the purer, the healthier and the deeper one put him in, the sooner he can forget himself, one's true self disappeared in this flashing moment with a sense of consciousness. In short, when exercisers are in the state of the "Inner World", which is form of expression of “Enhancing the Internal Strength" then "Emotions" will be dominant himself, thus, a series of aesthetic activities. Xu Fuguan once well said that: the state of heart achieved by Inner World of Health Qigong is in fact the mainstay of the arts spirits.

From the analysis above, we learn that void-quietness of the "Inner World" is the "Bay of Thoughts" of Health Qigong that is resulted from “Enhancing the Internal Strength". In addition, its "Meaning" is expressed by external gentle and slow movements of posture. Although this "Meaning" has its own purpose, it is always inclined to meet human instincts, create happiness and fullness and vividness of human life. Its purpose is an integration of “Subjectivity and Inherence". To be subjective because it is provided exercisers with "Experiencing" of inner experience while to be inherent because it is not based on any other aim. Therefore, in order to express outer "Meaning" of Health Qigong, i.e."Improving the External Skills" all parts shall be "understood" in the whole domain of Health Qigong. This means "Improving the External Skills" shall be manifested by "Enhancing the Internal Strength"   That's why a good coach or instructor of Health Qigong shall express their"Meaning"according to the teaching contents and inherent features of Health Qigong as a whole.

All in all, "Three Regulations" is the prerequirement for "Mental Life Structure". Only by many years of "Experiencing" can they be corresponding and the effects of "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills" display. Specifically, the purpose of "Enhancing the Internal Strength" is to amuse, cultivate and pursue "Kindness" for a better humanistic surrounding, while that of "Improving the External Skills" is to strengthen the visual effects of Health Qigong so that more people can take part in this health activity on the basis of the former.

(By Si Hongyu and Ma Ling)

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