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IHQF Emblem

The design of the Olive branches holding the earth symbolies the theme of the International Health Qigong Federation: friendship, 

harmony, mutual inclusiveness and common development.
The dragon implies Yang and the phoenix implies Yin. Prosperity brought by the dragon and phoenix in extremely good fortune 
symbolies the tranditional cultural philosophy of the balance between Yin and Yang as well as improvement of the physical and 
mental condition in Health Qigong. The integration of the dragon’s power and the phoenix’s gentle beauty symbolies Health 
Qigong’s unique idea of cultivation and well being, which is a combinated quarlity of dynamic and static, firmness and flexibility.
The alphabets in the design are the abbreviations of the English name of the International Health Qigong Federation.
The green color expresses the good vision of Health Qigong: the pursuit of the nature, value of life and the harmony of heaven, 
earth and human being.
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