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My Four Years with Health Qigong
Health Qigong allows me to cultivate my moral characteristic as well as keep fit.
No Pains, No Gains
Although the intensive training and tournament was over, yet each time when I recall this experience, I have always been touched that can describe beyond words.
Health Qigong Accompanying Me
I, as a learner of Health Qigong, strive to be a good person engaging in sports. I will also bring Health Qigong to my friends like Ms. Tong and Mr. Hu to let them enjoy health and happiness! Health Qigong has walked into my world and will accompany me in my whole life.
My Opinions on the Teaching of Health Qigong (Ⅱ)
V. Emphasize the ready position of Health Qigong. The ready position is designed to regulate the body and mind of the exercisers to let them enter the exercising state.
My Opinions on the Teaching of Health Qigong (Ⅰ)
For a beginner, the emphasis should be put on the meaning of the art of attack and defense of every movement in the teaching of Taijiquan, and the teaching must always focus on the art of attack and defense in martial arts. As for Health Qigong, however, it is not exactly the same case.
Thoughts on Yi Jin Jing Exercise
“Liver controls feelings, heart controls spirit, spleen controls thinking, lungs control worry, and kidneys control fear” is advocated by traditional Chinese medicine. The five internal organs of human beings are like rivers, and each river intersects with one another.
My Understanding on Ready Position and Closing Position (Ⅰ)
I find that some exercisers pay less attention to ready position and closing position while exercising Health Qigong. During the ready position, they are still talking when spreading their legs, or falling their feet on the ground like hitting or tamping the ground, and lifting their hands suddenly.
My View on “Vision Contained”
“Vision Contained” refers to the state that the vision of the eyes is held and contained without noticing anything else. “Eye expression held” refers to the slowly withdrawal of the vision after looking at the front, with thought taken back while integrating with vision into one. “Held and contained indicates the balance between eye expression held and thought kept, while “without noticing anything else” means “eye expression held and no blink of eyes occurred, and there are closely related. “Eyes are windows to the soul.” So one’s inner world can be known from his eye expression. The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor·Ling Shu·Da Huo Lun reads that “eye expression is subject to the mind, which in turn is influenced by thought.” Therefore, we say “thought in fact is from eyes.”
Health Qigong Makes Me Relax and Happy
I am 74 years old now, and I will tell you my story with Health Qigong from the very beginning. It was in June 2008. I happened to see that dozens of residents were exercising under the leadership of a tutor. I asked them and knew that they were learning Health Qigong · Wu Qin Xi. I was out of condition at that time, and was searching an exercise mode that suits me, so I participated in them. Over the past two years, I got familiar with the four methods of Health Qigong, and also learned Mawangdui Daoyin Shu and Da Wu. Although it is not long before I exercise Health Qigong, I feel relax and happy every day. Those common diseases that perplexed me are significantly relieved.
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