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Relaxation between Eyebrows

The relaxation between eyebrows is what you can see and feel during practise. It is not only an internal element of practising Health Qigong, but also a status of entering the practising state of mind of your body, mind and breath. The feelings of relaxation in body, mind and breath all reflect on the relaxation between eyebrows.

Undoubtedly, the relaxation of Health Qigong is for the whole body. That is to say, when practising Health Qigong, the practiser's body, mind and breath shall all be relaxed. Of course, the relaxation between eyebrows is a part of it. So, how shall we understand the relaxation between eyebrows? On one hand, the relaxation between eyebrows is a tiny part comparing with the whole body, but it has the presentative feature of the relaxation of the whole body. During the practise, the relaxation of the whole body is based on partial relaxation or limb relaxation. Without partial relaxation or limb relaxation, there will not be the relaxation of the whole body; in other words, the relaxation of the whole body is completed by partial relaxation or limb relaxation. Thus, without partial relaxation or limb relaxation, there will not be the relaxation of the whole body. On the other hand, as to the part of eyebrows, it can clearly reflect the relaxation status of the practiser's body, mind and breath. Meanwhile, it is closely connected with Chinese medicine culture. There are all sorts of nerve acupoints around eyebrows. They are highly sensitive for people's sensation, intuition and cognitive sensitivity. The Ophryon Acupoint in Chinese medicine locates in the eyebrow area. Ophryon Acupoint is one of the extra nerve points. Chinese medicine believes its main function are clearing the head and eyes and opening nasal passages. Thus, the relaxation between eyebrows has an influence on the function and effect of Ophryon Acupoint. Moreover, the eyebrow area can be relaxed. In our daily life, we often say unbending brows or frown, which means the eyebrows are movable in a form of either frown or not frown. Of course, every subtle change of eyebrows has specific emotion, feeling, thought, will and other psychological direction. It also involves what Health Qigong calls adjusting body, mind, breath etc. For explaining the relaxation between eyebrows in details and in depth, the followings are a few meanings of it:

When practising Health Qigong, the relaxation between eyebrows is helpful to prevent disease and protect body and mind. The Ophryon Acupoint located between eyebrows is a place where essence and spirit gathers. The Chinese medicine believes that essence, energy and spirit are three treasures for human body. With sufficient essence, adequate energy and vigorous spirit stand, people are healthy and keep diseases away. In order to keep diseases away, we can practise or massage Ophryon Acupoint frequently. Traditional medicine believes that it has certain point to tell health condition via ophryon. According to Huangdi Neijing Lingjiu Wuse Chapter, ophryon turning black is a sign of weak heart function. It may indicate lack of blood and oxygen in heart and brain, and even myocardial necrosis; ophryon turning red is a sign of blood fat abnormality, high blood pressure, bad temper and apoplectic; ophryon turning yellow is a sign of lack of Chi and blood, weak spleen and stomach etc. When these symptoms occur, they can be improved by relaxing or massaging ophryon.

When practising Health Qigong, developing a habit to relax eyebrows can lead to healthy habit in our daily lives. When using brain too much during work, study and thinking, many practisers would naturally relax their brows. Sometimes they raise eyebrows, sometimes they unbend eyebrows, sometimes rubbing forehead, and sometimes even beat forehead gently with fists. After such activities, they feel comfortable and relaxed. These actions to relax eyebrows is not only needed to relieve fatigue in their lives, but also needed in practising. Meanwhile, different actions of relaxation contain plenty wisdom of health care. When relaxing eyebrows effectively or patting the area slowing during practise, it can stimulate the Ophryon Acupoint between eyebrows. From Chinese medicine's perspective, fatigue is a disease of weakness. Participating in heavy mental or physical work for long will damage internal organs and result to fatigue due to numbness. Thus, in this condition, it's better to relax and practise Health Qigong for a while. I'm sure it can relieve fatigue quite well.

The depth of relaxation between eyebrows is the result of long term practise, which is cultivated in the process of body, mind and breath adjustment. The relaxation between eyebrows can directly affect, guide, pull Ophryon Acupoint and nerves around it. It can effectively adjust Yin and Yang, balance Chi and blood, soothe the operation of Chi and organs. Space between eyebrows is not only where Ophryon Acupoint located, but also the connection of Du Channel and Ren Channel, and they hold and connect twelve meridians. Thus, the relaxation between eyebrows can not only relax head, but also regulate the Chi of twelve meridians, which has an adjustment function of the whole body. So, how can we relax eyebrows? There are many concrete methods, but the importance is to keep calm, quiet and natural during practise, not to be stiff when adjust movement of the whole body and to keep the principal of moderate tightness. An old saying goes that ideas come with a frown. Does it mean it's against the relaxation between eyebrows? Not really. On the contrary, it's the best explanation of the relaxation between eyebrows. Frown is a movement of tightening, which comes at the moment when ideas come up. That is to say, instant tightening is bred during a long process of soothing and relaxing. Without deep thinking and instant tightening during the long process of soothing and relaxing, good ideas won't come up no matter how hard you frown. Moreover, it's not good to frown for too long. Frown for too long is harmful for spirit and spleen, and also your health. Thus, the relaxation between eyebrows comes from long term practise of methods; in other words, loosing eyebrows is a state of mind in the practise of Health Qigong. Practisers shall feel the same during practise, in their social lives and the change of their state of mind.

There are eight ways to relax eyebrows. ① Be optimistic. It is a good psychological feature. When practising Health Qigong, we need to enjoy with an optimistic thought and not to take practising as a burden. Moreover, practising is a process to become open-minded, optimistic and relaxing. Pleasant mood can keep you happy, which is good for hormone secretion, excitement adjustment of brain cell and blood circulation. They are undoubtedly good for the relaxation between eyebrows. ② Smile. Practising with a smile on the face is the basic requirement of Health Qigong. Practising with a smile on the face not only helps with breathing and circulation, but only helps to ease depression, tension, anxiety and remove the trouble, which is good to relax eyebrows. ③ Be soft. Being soft is the basic requirement of relaxation. When practising, your will and spirit cannot be excessive or inclined from inside to outside and from toe to top. It's not good to enter the relaxing status, which would show between eyebrows. ④ Be natural. Being natural is a key method to relax, so is the relaxation between eyebrows. Frowning and coming up with an idea is a process of high concentration of mind. If someone frowns for too long, it does no good to health. Therefore, be natural is the main idea of mind adjustment, as well as the objective requirement of relaxation. ⑤ Be quiet. The key to relax eyebrows is being quiet. Relaxed practise need a peaceful mind and refreshing spirit. It needs to be calm without distractions and concentrated. ⑥ Develop the habit. It takes practise as well as daily habit to relax eyebrows. And it always comes with complete relaxation of the body. That is to say, the process of body, mind, and breath adjustment can guide to the relaxation between eyebrows. In the meantime, stretching eyebrows habitually can lead to body and mind relaxation as well. ⑦ Be happy. The extent of relaxation depends on the mind and mood of practisers. When someone is devoted into practise, and takes Health Qigong as an interest, it's natural to relax eyebrows. On the contrary, if someone is trying to relax by practise, he may get just the opposite, and it's harder to relax when he tries to. He'd even frown more sometimes. ⑧ Be able to forget. It's a good thing to be able to forget. It's the same for practise. Forgetting about trifles during practise is needed for mind concentration as well as the premise of relaxation. Frowning eyebrows is a sign for having something in mind. Therefore, practisers who achieved some results have a good habit, which is learn to forget. Actually, forget is the start of new life, is a sign of cheering up, maturity and detachment. Forgetting issues of the past can certainly relieve frowning brows. What have mentioned above are eight keys of practising Health Qigong. They are for practisers to appreciate.

Overall, the relaxation between eyebrows is neither surmise nor lecture, but the experience and realisation from practise. I hope more practisers would share their experience and point of view, so that we can improve our level and ability of Health Qigong together.

(Yang Sichen)

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