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Theoretical Bases of "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills "of Health Qigong

"Three Regulation" of Health Qigong has a reasonable element, because its center is the heart regulation on which the reasonable element is base. Besides, cultural elements are embodied on the Health Qigong in the sense that they are essential part of the traditional Chinese culture. Theoretically, Health Qigong is the carrier of the "Mental Life Structure". Wilhelm Dithery once said, mental life structure is composed of reasonably and culturally. Therefore, Health Qigong is conditional with "mental life structure. This structure is composed by presentation, emotion and will and expressed by "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills "of Health Qigong in theory. In this sense, "Three Regulations" must have a corresponding relation with the "mental life structure".

First, if we regard "Heart Regulation", unconditioned by direct external stimuli as practice of self-control, then virtues and morality can be seen as that of self-control of conscious activities under environmental interferences. Thus, virtues and morality themselves mean to regulate the heart; can be regarded as the extension of the Health Qigong exercises at a higher level. By this we know that "Heart Regulation"  are under the umbrella of " morality" and a case in point here is "Fresh heart means good morality and vice versa." So “Heart Regulation of Health Qigong is corresponding to will in the “Mental Life Structure" and the level of which is dependable on the depth of "morality". By doing so, the "Heart Regulation” orientation of exercisers are cleared, that is to strengthen moral cultivation in daily life, practice filial piety and love, do good for virtues and increase the will standard. All these are the main manifestations of the “Enhancing the Internal Strength” of Health Qigong.

Second, analyzed from the domain of "Breath Regulation", those active breathing activities are only part of it, i.e. a part of air exchange between lung and external environment. Besides, in the course of external respiration between alveolus pulmonis and pulmonary blood capillary, oxygen and carbon dioxide transportation in the blood and internal respiration cannot be sensed by the exercisers, thus being unable to exercise self control. In this sense, "Breath Regulation" can be seen as a form of "Improving the External Skills ". So far, as long as the breath regulated smoothly, emotional responses will be naturally occurred because “emotions are in the Qi." “To regulate, Qi is the top priority." Thus, breath regulation shall be in pair with emotions that can be graded into aesthetics. One of the main standards to judge whether it can improve the external skills properly is to see whether exercisers' "Breath Regulation" is reasonable, it is possible that Health Qigong beginners cannot sense the emotional responses resulted from “Breath Regulation". However, as long as practice it correctly and regularly, “Breath Regulation" must be as a medium of “Lure of Beauty" to transfer aesthetic potential into aesthetic interests and finally become a driving force of "Improving the External Skills". This is just the special reason for exercisers at home and abroad to embrace Health Qigong.

Lastly, from the perspective of "Body Regulation", the basis of which is "Presentation" of Health Qigong. "Presentation" is the results of integrated sensation and perception for many times, and in general only reflexes only the outline of the matter, often a generalization of the visual appearance.  It is a bridge from sensation and perception to thought of exercisers in the course of psychological development. No correct “Presentation" of Health Qigong, it would be hard to form its logic concept either, without which no effect of "Improving the External Skills” will be formed. Therefore, coaches and instructors when teaching exercise routines of Health Qigong must form correct movement imagery for exercisers for this is the logic starting point of Health Qigong basics. That is to say "Body Regulation should be corresponding to "Presentation" which is in the category of logic.

From analysis above, we can conclude that only by regulating presentation, emotions and will of "Mental Life Structure" with "Three Regulations", can the aim of "Enhancing the Internal Strength and Improving the External Skills "of Health Qigong be achieved.

(Si Hongyu  Ma Ling)

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