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Health Qigong Makes Me Relax and Happy

I am 74 years old now, and I will tell you my story with Health Qigong from the very beginning. It was in June 2008. I happened to see that dozens of residents were exercising under the leadership of a tutor. I asked them and knew that they were learning Health Qigong · Wu Qin Xi. I was out of condition at that time, and was searching an exercise mode that suits me, so I participated in them. Over the past two years, I got familiar with the four methods of Health Qigong, and also learned Mawangdui Daoyin Shu and Da Wu. Although it is not long before I exercise Health Qigong, I feel relax and happy every day. Those common diseases that perplexed me are significantly relieved.

Change 1: I can straighten my back again.

When I was 36 years old, a trauma induced the protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, and developed into lumbar hyperplasia because I didn't accept medical treatment in time. It hurts like hell. Although I can straighten my back after several times of medical treatment and long-term exercise, the pain at night often attacks me and my waist is clumsy. In 2008, I cannot straighten my back again due to overwork. My lumbar vertebra has deformed, with three lumbar vertebras protruding obviously, and I can even touch them by myself. There is no shortcut. I have to move my waist and limbs while I am walking, but no significant effect. I didn't have much hope in mitigating my waist pain when I exercise Wu Qin Xi at the beginning, and I just felt it would be not bad to try some other exercise modes. Unexpectedly, I can straighten my back again half a year later. The pain was relieved gradually and removed at last. The lumbar vertebras were not as protruding as before. I was amazed at the effect of Health Qigong, and the good effect also enhances my confidence on exercising.

Change 2: My pain was greatly relieved.

It is impossible to get effect instantly by exercising Health Qigong, but it can strengthen your body as long as you master the correct methods and insist on. After retirement, I always catch a cold and have a fever when autumn turns into winter. If the symptoms are mild, I would have transfused for several days in hospital; if severe, I would be attacked by pulmonary infection and have to be hospitalized. Let alone the expensive medical treatment expenses, the disease makes me painful and my families tired, and also increases the burden on my children. After I began to exercise Health Qigong, I only caught a cold for once in 2008, accompanied with just a low fever. I recovered only after taking some medicine. In the past, I would be short of breath and sweaty with my heart beating faster if I walk for half an hour at a speed of 6km/hour, but now I can walk one hour at the same speed and feel very well. In the end of October of last year, I participated in the exchange competition of Health Qigong in Shanxi Province. The doctor tested my blood pressure immediately after the competition, and the measured result is 130/70. My blood pressure at normal time is 126/65. This shows that Health Qigong has significantly improved the functions of my heart and lungs.

Change 3: My blood indicators become normal.

I and my wife have a physical examination every year. Although I have no severe diseases, several blood indicators are higher or lower, and the blood lipid is especially high. After I began to exercise Health Qigong in 2008, the blood indicators of my wife became normal and my blood indicators improved under the situation that we didn't change our diet lifestyle and didn't take medicine. In 2010, the examination results indicate that all my blood indicators became normal, and my blood lipid and blood viscosity reduced significantly. The specific changes are shown in the table below:

Blood indicators

Triglyceride (TG) mmol/L

Hemoglobin concentration (HGB) g/L

Specific value of intermediate cell %

Whole blood viscosity, low cut 10 (1/s)

Whole blood viscosity, high cut 150 (1/s)

Plasma viscosity120(1/s)

Hematocrit (HCT) L/L

Erythrocyte rigidity index


Normal range








































Change 4: The joints of my whole body become flexible.

As growing older, I feel awkward and clumsy, and the coordination ability of my body reduces obviously. Some movements in Health Qigong are beneficial for joints, ligament, spine, bones and muscles, muscle activity and extension. For example, the movement  "bowing down in salutation" of Yi Jin Jing requires bending and extending the spine from cervical vertebrae to coccyx; the movement "swinging the tail" requires touching the ground with hands at the back. Tiger exercise in Wu Qin Xi and "tiger springing on its prey" in Yi Jin Jing require moving the spine. At the beginning, I can't do it. For example, in the movement "bowing down in salutation", I can't touch the ground when bowing down at the back. After two years of persistent exercise, now I master four methods, and I can do every movement well. The coordination ability of my body is greatly improved, and I feel agile and flexible. I can walk fast and vigorously, and my step is not as heavy as before, even if when I climb stairs, and I can even bounce up the stairs like a youngster.

Change 5: I feel more vigorous.

Health Qigong not only can regulate the physiological status, but also the psychological state. It is truly a physical exercise that is beneficial for the body and the mind. I realized from the practice that quietness and inaction are the basic principles of exercising Health Qigong. The quietness maintenance and mind nourishing, the combination of motion and quietness, and the integration of mind and body are the three essentials to realize its effect of keeping fit and regulating mind and further harmonize your mental state and calm down. Just because of this, I exercise Health Qigong every day with friends who are much younger than me. We talk about our feelings and exchange experience in methods, and they never consider me as a person who has been already seventy years old, because I am still energetic. My old friends say that I look much younger, like an old young man.

(By Wang Kunguo)

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