On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——The nature of Health Qigong
What is the nature of Health Qigong? The essence of Health Qigong is the fundamental nature of Health Qigong. Health Qigong is the self-exercise social practice for fitness of human beings.
On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——the characteristics of Health Qigong
Practice the mind and qi simultaneously is an important feature of Health Qigong, as well as its main difference from the physical exercises.
Spleen Meridian and Health Qigong
Spleen meridian starts at end of hallux toe and its running course direction starts at foot and ends at chest, connects stomach meridian of foot-yangming upward,
Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangmingand Health Qigong
Stomach meridian of foot-yangming starts at paranasal, its running course direction starts at head and ends at foot, upward connects with large intestine meridian of hand-yangming, downward connects with spleen meridian.
Large Intestine Meridian of Hand-Yangming and Health Qigong
Large intestine meridian of hand-yangming starts from radialis of index finger and its running course direction starts at hand and ends at head, upward connects lung meridian of hand-taiyin, downward connects stomach meridian of foot-yanming.
Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin and Health Qigong
Lung meridian of hand-taiyin starts from middle-energizer and its running course direction starts at chest and ends at hand and connects with large intestine meridian of hand-yangming.
The Harmony Thought of Health Qigong
Health Qigong grows from the rich soil of traditional culture, absorbs the balance ideas of the Confucian "attaining a state of harmony" and makes excellent reinvention to the establishment of a strict and scientific method technology, which focus on a philosophy of mean containing "nature and humanity", "unity of body and soul", "unity of motion and stillness", and "unity of Yin and Yang" in terms of keeping in good health.
The important role of “closing eyes” - white hair old man closing eyes
The “white hair old man closing eyes" in the "Picture of Inner Scripture" has the meaning of nourishing and refining the spirit.
The meaning of “lifting the Baihui acupoint” in Health Qigong
"Baihui acupoint" is also known as the top center acupoint and “San yang wu hui” acupoint, which is the intersection of the yang qi of Du Channel and three yang channels of foot, as well as three yang channels of foot.
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