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On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——the characteristics of Health Qigong

First, the characteristics of Health Qigong

1. Practice the mind and qi simultaneously

Practice the mind and qi simultaneously is an important feature of Health Qigong, as well as its main difference from the physical exercises. Requiring putting forth one's strength, the physical exercises convert the chemical energy of the body into mechanical energy and some heat energy, emphasizing the exercise of human body, muscles, bones, ligaments, internal organs and so on, which don’t emphasize the simultaneous physical and mental practices. While Health Qigong exercises do not have to cost a lot of effort, which are the combination of the physical and mental practices. The practice of mind in Health Qigong refers to the entire human spiritual awareness activities, the practice of qi in Health Qigong refers to adjust and improve the viscera, organs and each part of the body through reducing consummation and cultivate vitality. In the exercise process of Health Qigong, people will enter the Health Qigong state, which can decline the entire basal metabolism level and reduce the oxygen consumption, blood consumption and energy consumption to a minimum level, as well as nurture the vitality. This ideal physiological state, namely the harmonious physiological state, can effectively adjust the body and balance yin and yang.

Practicing qi and mind in Health Qigong are closely linked. The practice of qi in Health Qigong always conducted under the domination of mind. Therefore, the practice of qi cannot be separated from the practice of mind. On the other hand, the practice of mind must be implied in the practice of qi, and training of mind separately is incredible. Through practicing mind and qi, Health Qigong can cultivate and regulate the body, mind and breathing, to enhance the functions of the human body, so as to achieve the fitness purpose.

2.  Train the spirit, qi and mind inside of the body

Training the spirit, qi and mind inside of the body is an important feature of Health Qigong exercises, which is different with the general physical exercises. Exercisers pay attention to complete certain actions rather than the inside of body in the physical exercises. For example, the gymnastics is to complete the good and beautiful postures, and running can exercise the internal organs, muscles, bones and skin. However, the physical exercises are all not designed to exercise the essence, qi and mind consciously, although it has an important and significant role on the exercise of essence, qi and mind.

And Health Qigong is mainly to train the essence, qi and mind of the body, and the exercise of body is not in the main position, achieving the regulation of body, mind and breathing through guiding qi with mind. Therefore, training the spirit, qi and mind inside of the body is the notable feature of Health Qigong.

3. Holistic self-therapy

Diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition is the fundamental principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is also the important feature of the Health Qigong exercises. According to the principles of modern system theory, the human body is an open and complex organic whole, which is a giant system composed in a certain way. The guiding ideology of life holistic view runs though the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the etiology, mechanism and treatment and the interpretation of disease, health and rehabilitation.

Health Qigong is not specific to certain part of the body, but the whole body. Through regulating mind, body and breathing, Health Qigong can conduct holistic self-training, so as to balance yin and yang of the body on the whole, achieving the purpose of healing and fitness.  Being relaxed, quiet and natural and the tranquilness emphasized by Health Qigong can effectively adjust the emotions on the whole, improve the blood circulation and the functions of human brain, adjust the metabolism of the body, restore and adjust the functions of human body and organs. Admittedly, Health Qigong can also exercise the part of body, however, the partial exercise is placed among the whole exercise, influencing the local parts through the whole exercise, but the local is also under the command of the whole and impact the whole. Many practitioners stick to practice and unknowingly prevent and treat many diseases in the process, which is the overall effect of Health Qigong.

(By Cang Daolai)

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