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“Belt and Road” Heart-to-Heart Health Qigong Lecture Hall 2022 Opens

The Belt and Road Heart-to-Heart Lecture Hall 2022 opened on April 23, at Zhengzhou University, Henan province, China.

GUO Hongfeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of IHQF and President of CHQA, and WU Hongyang, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhengzhou University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speech on line and on site respectively. Students from seven countries gave Health Qigong performances and shows. And after that, the first lecture Qi and Chinese Linguistic Culture was given by SHAO Jie, associate professor from Zhengzhou University.

The lecture hall, hosted by IHQF and CHQA and co-hosted by Zhengzhou University and Health Qigong Association of Henan Province, is aimed at meeting fitness needs of numerous HQ enthusiasts and making HQ play a positive role in promoting human health, by sharing the splendid Chinese traditional health culture.

This year’s lecture hall will offer colourful lectures and training courses based on Health Qigong•Ba Duan Jin, enabling every participant to understand Ba Duan Jin while enjoying the exercise of it. Essay writing on Ba Duan Jin will give trainees a chance to share their feelings and show nice heart-to-heart connectivity. And salons under the theme of “health and friendship” will show the outstanding blending of multiculture and Health Qigong.

Deputy Party Secretary WU says that Zhengzhou University will organize various on-site activities of this year’s lecture hall, providing an excellent platform for the event, and 2700 students from 103 countries will participate in different ways, creating a wonderful learning atmosphere.

President GUO pointed out that the “Belt and Road” Initiative was put forward in 2013 and the successful practice and achievements in the past 8 years have proven that the “Silk Road Spirit” that promotes peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, and the pursuit of win-win solutions is becoming a broad consensus all over the world. This year’s lecture hall will further carry forward the “Silk Road Spirit” and make every participant feel happy and belonging here. Hope that colleagues from the “Belt and Road” countries will join hands in making more contributions to builing a community of common health for mankind.

In order to make the lecture hall more popular, shorten distances between HQ enthusiasts and promote the event, the hosts commissioned a specialized company to design the Logo of the event which will meet with you at the opening ceremony. The whole design is based on patterns of the dragon and phoenix and includes the element of the Chinese character “Qi”. The belt which swirls upward stands for the friendship and exchange among colleagues from the “Belt and Road” countries through sharing Health Qigong. The Blue at the bottom of the logo stands for health, serenity and peace, while the red on the top stands for unity and brightness. Letters underneath are the abbreviation of “Belt and Road Health Qigong”. The last stroke of “R” lifts the “H” and “Q” like a ribbon, symbolizing that Health Qigong plays a positive role in the development of “Belt and Road” as a bridge and bond.

The “Belt and Road”Heart-to-Heart Health Qigong Lecture Hall started in 2021. Tens of thousands of HQ enthusiasts from all over the world, particularly the “Belt and Road” countries, participated in the event.

(ZHANG Lingxue, MA Kaiting)
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