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Guidelines for IHQF Membership Application

This regulation has been approved by IHQF Executive Board.

Head Office

Dec. 15th, 2017

Guidelines for IHQF Membership Application


The International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) is a non-profit international organization formed by national and regional organizations on a voluntary basis. Its purpose is “to pool and leverage the strengths of the Member Organizations, to lead the Member Organizations in enhancing mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and to promote and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of people around the world”. The headquarters of IHQF is in Beijing, China.

Under the Statutes of the International Health Qigong Federation (hereafter referred to as “the Statutes”), the Federation adopts an organization membership system. Health Qigong organizations of all countries and regions may apply for IHQF membership.

Applicants for IHQF membership should meet the following requirements:

1. Support for the IHQF Statutes;

2. Having obtained registration with and approval by the resident government authorities;

3. Commanding significant influence in IHQF’s field of operations;

4. Acknowledgement of IHQF as the sole international Health Qigong organization.

On the basis of the Statutes as the general guideline, the under-mentioned procedures are hereby further refined as guidance on IHQF membership application:


I. Submission of Membership Application Materials

An organization with the intent for membership should prepare the required application materials, including the IHQF Membership Application & Registration Form, Personal Information of the Leader of the Applicant Organization, Attachment(s)to the Membership Application, and submit them to the IHQF Head Office.

Important notes:

1. The applicant organization must provide the official documents of registration of its establishment with  and/or approval of its establishment issued by the local government or authorities.

2. The legal person of the applicant organization must have the nationality or permanent residency of the resident country.

3. The applicant organization must provide recommendation letters from at least three IHQF member organizations (if there is no member organization yet in its resident country, the applicant organization should provide recommendation letters from at least three IHQF member organizations in other countries or regions; if there is or are member organizations already in the resident country, the applicant organization should provide, in addition to the requirement sent out in the first half of this paragraph, recommendation letters from more than two thirds (2/3) of the IHQF member organizations in its resident country.)


II. Primary Review of Eligibility

Upon receiving the above-mentioned application materials, the IHQF Head Office will carry out a primary review which takes 15 working days. The result may be either of the following:

1. The applicant organization passes the primary review and is put on the Inspection List.

2. Upon primary review, the materials provided by the applicant organization are found fall short of the requirements; the Head Office will request the organization to provide additional or complete information before resubmission.


III. Inspection Period

The applicant organization which passed the primary review will entering an inspection period that may last a maximum of 6 months, starting from the day when the Head Office sends a Notice of Inspection Listing to the organization. During this period, the Head Office will observe and record the performance of the applicant organization in regards to its participation in and organization of Health Qigong activities, and in scientific research on Health Qigong. The Head Office willwhere appropriateinvite the applicant organization to attend IHQF-related events or, at an appropriate opportunity, visit the applicant organization for more information. The applicant organization should report to the Head Office regularly.

Within 30 working days after the inspection period ends, the Head Office will submit written remarks on the overall performance of the applicant organization to the IHQF Executive Board. The result of the inspection may be either of the following:

1. If the applicant organization passes the inspection, its membership application will be submitted to the Executive Board for review.

2. If the applicant organization fails the inspection, the Head Office will convey the suggested corrective measures to the organization. Only when the required improvement has been made can its membership application be submitted to the Executive Board for review.


IV. Voting by the Executive Board

The membership application will be discussed and voted on by the Executive Board. The result of the voting may be either of the following:

1. If more than half of the Executive Board members vote in favour of the application, the application for admission to membership will be approved.

2. If more than half of the Executive Board members believe that the conditions for approving the membership application are still immature, the applicant organization may be granted observer status within IHQF and the Executive Board will vote on its membership application again after one year.

Note: The rights and obligations of observers are set forth as follows:

1. Observers are not official member organizations of IHQF and, therefore, have no voting right.

2. Observers may participate in the international conferences, forums, competitions, trainings and other activities organized by IHQF, and may obtain relevant materials and publications.

3. Observers have no right to organize Duan examination.

4. Observers are required to report regularly to IHQF occasionally regarding progress in their work.


V. Notification of the Admission Decision

Within 15 days after the Executive Board meeting, the IHQF Head Office will conveym  to the applicant organization of the voting result and opinion of the Executive Board regarding the application and take either of the following actions:

1. For an organization whose membership application was approved, the Head Office will act on behalf of IHQF or its Executive Board in producing a membership certificate and conferring it on the applicant organization.

2. If the Executive Board has reservation about the membership application of an applicant organization, the Head Office will convey its opinion to the organization and inform the latter of the decision to grant it observer status with IHQF.


VI. Other Matters

The length of time needed for each step may be adjusted in accordance with the actual date of the Executive Board meeting.



1. IHQF Membership Application & Registration Form

Download Address: /uploadfile/file/20171215/20171215092525_24249.docx

2. Personal Information of the Leader of the Applicant Organization

Download Address: /uploadfile/file/20171215/20171215092533_36114.docx

3. Attachment(s) to the Membership Application

Download Address: /uploadfile/file/20171215/20171215092541_94762.docx

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