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Notice of First Training Course for International Instructors of Liuzijue
In order to train professional Health Qigong teachers, explore the construction of the grade system for international instructors of Health Qigong, promote the international development of Health Qigong, we hereby hold the first training course for international instructors of Health Qigong • Liuzijue. This course is the longest training of single routine so far, with the competent teaching staff, the comprehensive and rich teaching contents, and the combination of theory and practice, routine and application.It is the first international instructor qualification education for single routine. Those who complete the study and pass the examination will obtain the qualification certificate of international instructor of Health Qigong • Liuzijue issued by International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). The details are as follows:

I. Date 
The online training course will be held from 29 November, 2020 to 30 May, 2021. The face-to-face course will be offered for 5 days on around June or July 2021. The specific date will be announced later.

II. Place 
The course will be based on online teaching, plus 5-day face-to- face teaching in China in the later period. (The online teaching information and face-to-face teaching location will be released later).

III. Host 
International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF).

IV. Organizers 
IHQF members and related organizations.

V. Contents of the training 
(1) Standard specifications for the movement of Health Qigong • Liuzijue. 
(2) The profoundity of principle and routine of Health Qigong • Liuzijue. (3) Illness curing and health preserving (Yangsheng) mechanisms by the breathing (Tu’na) of Health Qigong • Liuzijue. 
(4) Study and interpretation of classical literatures on Health Qigong • Liuzijue. 
(5) Clinical and scientific research related to Health Qigong • Liuzijue. 
(6) The exercise prescriptions of Health Qigong • Liuzijue for several common chronic and difficult diseases. 
(7) Three stages and levels of practice and teaching of Health Qigong • Liuzijue.

VI. Teachers 
Zhang Mingliang, expert and standard demonstrator of Health Qigong • Liuzijue, principal of education and training of IHQF, standing committee member of Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA), Duan level-8 of Chinese Health Qigong. 
Li Jinlong, professor and tutor for Doctor at School of Physical Education, Shanxi University, Chinese national social sports instructor and referee of Health Qigong, Duan level-7 of Chinese Health Qigong. Dai Jingang, deputy research fellow, Doctor of Medicine and tutor for Master at Experimental Research Center, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, standing medical guest of CCTV Health Road Program, Chinese national social sports instructor of Health Qigong 
Chen Changle, deputy chief physician and Doctor of Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, executive director and head of Publicity Department, China Association of Medical Qigong, deputy 2
secretary-general of Shanghai Health Qigong Association, Chinese national social sports instructor of Health Qigong, Duan level-7 of Chinese Health Qigong. 
Li Yunning, academic member of Huang Ting International Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Daoyin (Hong Kong), CM practitioner, Hong Kong registered CM practitioner, IFPA, AIA and NAHA certified aromatherapist. 
Chen Huijuan, standing committee member and Technical director of Jiangsu Health Qigong Association, secretary-general of Maoshan Liuzijue Health Center, Jurong, and Duan level-7 of Chinese Health Qigong. 
Wang Yinghui, director of Preventive Treatment of Disease Department and deputy chief physician of Beijing Royal Integrative Medicine Hospital, Doctor of Medicine, director of Diabetes Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. 
Huang Shan, medical director and physician of V Care Clinic (VCC), member of Functional Medicine Branch of Chinese Health Association, member of Osteoporosis & Diabetes Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, managing director of VCC Preventive Medical Promotion Foundation. 
Li Limin, director of Medical Institute of Chinese Fu Shan Garden, Taiyuan, CM practitioner of Li Limin Chinese Medical Clinic, Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan, national senior dietitian, national level-II psychological counsellor. 
Chen Sujun, dean of Halt Yoga Qigong School, Canada, deputy director of Information and Advocacy Committee of IHQF, chairman of HYF International Association of Physical and Mental Therapy, President of Canada International Wellness Culture Association, IAYT registered international yoga physiotherapist and trainer, NGH registered hypnotherapist and trainer, YA registered 500ERYT senior yoga instructor and trainer. 
Panagiotis Kontaxakis, President of Greek Health Qigong Association, director of Greek Happy Dragon Health Association, member of Techniques and Promotion Committee of IHQF. 

VII. Teaching plans 
(1) Online + Offline=48 hours+40 hours = 88 hours 
(2) Online: 20:00-22:00pm (2 hours, GMT+8) on Sunday, 8 hours per month, totally 48 hours for 6 months. 
(3) Offline: a five-day face-to-face teaching is scheduled to be held in China between June and July 2021 according to the situation, 6- 8 hours per day, totally 30-40 hours (those unable to attend the face-to-face teaching can watch live webcast or video recording).

VIII. Training Fee 
USD2,000 per person (RMB 13,600) for the online and offline course, which should be remitted to the following account of IHQF before November 29, 2020. 
Account Name: International Health Qigong Federation Account Number: 
Bank Name: Beijing Gymnasium Road Branch of ICBC

IX. Registration 

Scan the QR code or open the web link below, fill in relevant information and submit the registration. 


X. Other matters 
(1) The training course will be lectured in Chinese, and English interpretation is available. 
(2) Those attending the offline course shall apply for personal accident insurance on your own, and shall be responsible for such problems as injuries and illness during the training period. 
(3) Those attending the offline course shall submit the declaration of responsibility upon the check-in. 
(4) Those attending the offline course shall pay for your own accommodation and transportation expenses. 
(5) Upon completion of the studies and passing of the examination, the certificate of international instructor of Health Qigong • Liuzijue 4
will be issued. 

XI. Contact Contact: 
Wang Jianjun, Zhang Mingliang 
Fax: 86-10-87180955 
Mobile :86-13934504041(The same number with WeChat) 
Email: headoffice@ihqfo.org; twb@httcm.com 

Annex: Notice and Schedule of First Training Course for International Instructors of Health Qigong • Liuzijue

International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) 
September 29, 2020
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