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Formulas of Movement Gist of Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue(2)

SI Exercise

Uplift palms to Danzhong acupoint, erect palms naturally and stretch shoulders and chest,

Hide head and shrink neck one after one, push arms, stretch necks and relax shoulders.

Speak out si word and push out palms plainly, upper and down front teeth face even and leave a slit,

Palms up, whirl wrists and move arms backward, then lung is cleared, veins strengthened and the whole body is at ease.

CHUI Excercise

Relax wrists and stretch arms to a line, slide down palms along waist side,

Breathe out chui word and move hands frontward, palms face inner to naval.

The chui word is corresponding to kidney, move naturally and don’t be stiff,

Hands facing waist and massage stomach, prevent aging and strengthen function,

XI Excercise

Palms against hand back and lift them to chest, stretch out and lift to make an arc,

Bend elbows and thrust downward with breathing out xi word, the air comes out from molar teeth slit.

Uplift elbows naturally, up and down motions are in accordance with the word,

Adjust xi word in line with triple energizers, whole body is adjusted and qi and blood flows smoothly.

Closing Position

Turn palms inward, body is relaxed, cross the hands and press the middle of naval,

Float naval slightly and keep mind tranquil, take deep and long breath and adjust.

Body relaxed, energy full, heart is calm, end the practice well,

Guide qi to vitality (original energy) and press stomach, stop after revolving six circles clockwise and anticlockwise.

(Li Yaoming)

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