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Formulas of Movement Gist of Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue(1)

Preparatory and Ready Position

Move your feet to be parallel, stand upright and be relaxed,

Tongue touches palate, slightly bend knees, erect spine, plumb arms and relax chest.  

Fingers to the palms and move to the chest, turn the palms downward to naval level,

Circle inner and revolve forward to make a circle, then end at naval with a calm mind.

XU Exercise

Loosen hands, turn around and feet stand still, stretch one arm and open your eyes fully,

Shoo it out, move mouth backward and keep mouth in an O shape.

Be silent and move slowly, adjust qi movement and main and collateral channels will be through,

Deep and long breath, soothing liver, brighten eyes and whole body is relaxed.

HE Exercise

Cross fingers and close tightly, bend elbows slowly to chest,

Turn the palms and thrust downwards with a he sound, move palms, bend knees and keep breathing.

Keep bowing, stretching, revolving, upper limbs will be more flexible,

Upwarp tongue to remove foul smell, heart and kidney will be adjusted and strengthened.

HU Exercise

Make palms face inward and parallel with naval, slowly tuck the palms facing the naval,

Stretch out hands with breathing out hoo word, lips and mouth make a circle.

Palms face naval with the same distance, open and close naturally to promote inner move,

Breathe out of the throat, spleen and stomach will be healthy, help digestion and disease will be far away.

(Li Yaoming)

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