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Strengthening the Foundation and Energizing the Origin to Keep the Spirit at Peace(Ⅲ)

Then, what role the routine "Strengthening Kidney by Touching Feet with Hands" plays in maintaining the dynamic balance of human life? Specifically, it is mainly the following eight points. (1) The movements in this routine are dynamic. The dynamic state exists in the motion and variation course of bending and upstanding. The spine bending forward and stretching backward sharply stretches the waist muscles fully, which is a typical characteristic of dynamic balance of human life. (2) The movements in this routine are in a balance. The human body always maintains in the relative stability at a certain condition. The balance state of the body is the precondition of human existence and normal activities. Only in a balance state, can human maintain the external and internal activities. Touching feet with hands can stretch the muscles at the back of legs. The movements in this routine can improve the balance capacity of the waist and legs, strengthen the flexibility, as well as prevent lumbar muscle strain, sciatica and other symptoms. (3) The movements in this routine are systemic. The human body is a big system, in which it is divided into many small systems, and each system is in the movement of the dynamic balance. Taking the waist as the axis, the movements of opening and closing and stretching and bending are gentle and coherent, which can regulate the body and the breath, but also keep the mind at peace in the exercise. (4) The movements in this routine are layered. The human body itself is layered, so each dynamic balance system of the human life is layered. The dynamic balance movements of human life are developed from the low level to high level. The emphasis of the movements in this routine is the movement of the entire spine. It makes the spine and the muscle groups at its both sides exercise gently, which prompts each vertebra position in an orderly manner. The vertebras bending or stretching one by one can effectively prevent the lumbar spondylitis, cervical spondylitis and other diseases. (5) The movements in this routine are adaptive. Each movement of the body always has a certain tendency. After the tendency of one kind of movement losing the balance, it needs to restore the balance state. The waist of human plays a unique role in adapting the tendency. The waist protects the internal viscera, nerves and blood vessels, which also has effects in compression, stretch, improvement and the adaption of the development tendency of the viscera system. (6) The movements in this routine are continuous. Each dynamic balance movement in the dynamic balance system of human life is unceasing. If the previous state of balance is broken, the new state of balance will be established, and this course is continuous in time. The movements of this routine can improve the functions of the adrenal gland, prostate, ureter, bladder and other organs of the genitourinary system, through constantly stretching and massaging. The waist is the container of the kidneys. The condition of kidneys can be embodied by the waist. The kidneys can be nourished through the exercise of the waist. If the patients with lumbar muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation insist on practicing the movements of this routine, they will inevitably change the situation of waist muscle spasms due to ongoing work, pain nerve endings oppressive. (7) The movements in this routine are in the unity of opposites. The dynamic balance of human life is constituted by the dynamic factors, which are in the unity of opposites. The dynamic factors can be two-sided, but also can be various. The movements in this routine are composed of various dynamic factors. For instance, the bent and curved, open and close, fast and slow, from top down and from bottom up all reflect the dialectical thinking method of unity and opposites. (8) The movements in this routine are integrated. Integrity is the premise of each dynamic balance system. There are complete method formulas in the movements of this routine, namely, spread the feet shoulder-width apart horizontally, put both hands before the belly; turn backward in the left and right, inhale Tibet between lumbar support; style to go with the gas given depth, breath bending of waist plate full circle; gesture guide do not force, relaxing the waist and abdomen to keep springs. And there are complete movement steps, namely, the first step is to draw the left foot to the inside of right foot, bring feet together and stand upright; droop both arms naturally on the side of body; change the fists into palms, touching the outside of the thigh lightly. With inhaling, lift both arms onward and upward as wide as the shoulder; stretch the body backward with head leaning back, and stare at the hands. The second step is that the body bends forward gradually and bows deeply with exhaling, with both knees being straight. At the same time, both hands touch the toes as the body bending forward and downward (if the exerciser can not achieve it, just change to touch the ground with two fingers). Raise the head slightly and looking at the hands. The third step is that both hands moving to the heels from the outside of the feet with inhaling, the body slowly raising and stretching backward with both knees being straight; at the same time, both palms attaching to the backside of the legs and moving up to the back, and then pressing Shenshu acupoint; looking straight ahead. The fourth step is to drop both arms naturally to the side of the body with exhaling. Palms lightly attaching to the outside of thighs; keep the body upright and look straight ahead. Therefore, through the analysis in these eight aspects, it can be more clearly recognized that the movements in this routine not only highlight the dynamic balance state of human life overall, but also show a deeper understanding of the dialectical thinking method of strengthen and cultivate the congenital origin.

To sum up, movement methods of this routine "Strengthening Kidney by Touching Feet with Hands" are not complicated, and the dialectical thinking method embodied in its spirit is the inexhaustible source of life and wisdom treasure of fitness regimen of the exercisers.

(By Wang Zhanhe)

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