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Being Quiet to Behave Oneself and Strengthening Body in Stability (Ⅱ)

Making spirit not get distracted

Self-absorption in practicing the movements of this routine. Making spirits not get distracted is essential. Making spirits not get distracted here implies several meanings. First, the actions of opening and closing should be moderate and relax. Storing the strength is like drawing the bow, and power generation is like shooting. Storing the strength and power generation here mentioned equals to stretch and relaxation, namely opening once and closing once in usual. In the process of opening and closing, the body, movements and breath should be soft and slow and do not move inordinately. Secondly, opening and closing are in a moderate tightness. Since practicing Health ·Qigong is a sort of movement, there are stretch and relaxation necessarily. Next, opening and closing are in purpose not forcibly. The purpose of the relaxation of whole body is “no forcibility", so as to "being light, chargeable, smooth and free" and "qi moves following by the mind". In fact, even though exercisers who are in relaxation, also have a process of pulling and tightening. At the same time, the speed of opening and closing is equal. In another word, imagining to draw the bow for every moment.The stretch power of any point on the bow is equal, and every bit of tension is coefficient of increase and decrease in relaxation process of the bow. In the distribution of space and time, the tension is very uniform, which is the common characteristics of shooting on both sides. In fact, speed equality are simply temporary phenomenon in the course of any movements, but be difficult turns into frequent phenomenon. The methods of this routine will be no exception.

So self-absorption and peace in mind is not easy to achieved when practicing the movements of this routine. Then we may analyze it from the aspects of movements request and exercise practice. First, the movements request exercisers to make spirit not get distracted. When both wrists cross,lower the shoulders and elbows, the palms are lower than the shoulders. Strength comes from Jiaji Acupoint when making the pose of shooting.Open the shoulders and chest, lower the wrist and straighten the fingers,turn the head to the full, gather together and bend tightly the five fingers of the hand which does the pose of drawing the bow, level the arms and chest, side stay the flgure-eights palm and the wrist, straighten the fingers, hollow the palm. Stop slightly for two seconds, keep  pulling, make a pose of shooting eagles. Thus, making spirit not get distracted appears more important. Secondly, concentration of consciousness needs three conditions in the practice. Be objective is in the first place. people who want to shoot eagles, must be absorbed in it. Looking around flexibly and paying attention to the surroundings is in the second place. Concentration of consciousness is in the third place.Have an eye on the key points, such as drawing the bowstring and pushing the bow in an orderly way. Spirit dominates the life activities and governs the essential qi. It is the fundamentality and key of human life. In the process of life, normal thinking is easy to change and cause consuming of spirits. It is difficult to keep essence-spirits within and peace of mind. So practicing the routine "Posing as an Archer Shooting Both Left-and-Right-Handed" seems very simple, but it is quite difficult to do it perfectly. Just as Huang di Neijing put forward that "keeping the posture is in the second place, and the most important thing in practice is making spirit not get distracted". It shows us that life nurturing needs relax the muscles first, and then achieves the psychological relaxation. Namely, the external postures are secondary, and the internal spirit is the most essential. Similarly, as lao tzu said "concentration and strengthening the vital essence to achieve a pure mind as infants". In addition, the action of psychic factors may cause the imbalance of the body's internal environment and the dysfunction of zang-fu organs, meridian and collateral, qi and blood, thereby resulting in some pathological changes, e.g. qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm stasis, dampness stagnation etc., and even chronic and stubborn diseases when accumulating to certain extent. According to the theory of Yin and Yang, we can also apply psychic factors correctly to achieve the balance of the body's internal environment. "Making spirit not get distracted" stresses the importance of psychic factors in life nurturing. The spirit and body of human beings are Indivisible. So exercisers should experience the perception and insight of tranquilizing mind and empty thinking and keeping essence and spirit in interior. Cultivate one's mind and improve one's character without worldly desires.

Behaving oneself and adjusting the postures

The methods of all routines in Health ·Qigong involves specific postures, from the static postures to expression in one's eyes, hand postures, breath sensations and motion sensing in the practice, in which all have a course of adjusting the body movements. Then,where should we begin from in the adjustment of postures? "The Book of Rites" said that shooters should straighten out oneself before shooting. Generally speaking,that is shooters should make the upright posture first, and then shoot. Deeply understanding, the principles in"behaving oneself before shooting" and the ways of adjusting body, heart and breath in Health ·Qigong share something in common.

First, pay attention to adjust the movements of the body. Look at the right/left palm, which shapes like flgure-eights and moves to the side of body. Side stay the wrist, straighten the arm. The other hand bends and makes the pose of drawing the bow.Turn the head. The chest expansion, abdomen in and buttocks tightening. Make deep knee bend squatting.Both soles and toes on the ground. Yongquan Acupoint and jianjing acupoint are connected by thought and qi movement. The technical requests of these movements show the principle of cultivating one's mind inside and adjusting the postures outside. Therefore, by the saying of "behaving oneself before shooting", the literary quotations, such as shooting with great precision, shooting in One and Hou Yi shooting the sun etc., all show the culture fascination of relaxation and strength coming from the inside of body.

Secondly, pay attention to vipassana. Through repeated practices,exercisers can realize slowly that "if a shooter fail the game,he will look deeper into himself instead of complaining the victor". In other word, shooters adjust their mentality well and enhance the skills from the aspects of body and mind, instead of resenting the opponents. In this way, the opponent turns into another hand to to promote your progress. Thus the principle of insight meditation and self-examination can be found in Lhotse's Tao Te Ching. "Only he that rids himself forever of desire can see the Secret Essences.He that has never rid himself of desire can see only the outcomes.These two things issued from the same mould, but nevertheless are different in name.This 'same mould' we can but call the Mystery. Or rather the 'Darker than any Mystery'. The doorway whence issued all Secret Essences. "Rids oneself forever of desire" and "never rid himself of desire" are the vipassana consequence of understanding the principle of universal operation, as well as the birth, growth, cease and death of things. Moreover, it is the principle of 'original cause' and derivation of life. Vipassana is not only a sort of observation method, but also a sort of survival method. In fact, each individual is in the universe and within the environment. The individual is also within the heart and spirit. Meanwhile, the individual is within the group, and the group is also within the individual. Therefore, the life rhythm view of "strengthen the inner and assist the outside", "vipassana and self-communion" and "harmony between the heaven and human" are helpful for people to realize the awareness of life.

In addition, pay attention to the artistic conception. Cultivate one's taste when practicing the methods accompanying with music.The body and mind are absorbed in the artistic conception. The artistic conception mentioned here is practicing with music.Do the movements with musical beats, including that the exhalation and inhalation should have rhythms along with the scale, note and range. In the ancient program of shooting,people shoot three times accompanying with music. The music "Zouyu" of "The book of songs·Zhaonan" was performed by musicians. The beats of music should be  performed equality. "No drum beats,no shooting". The shooter who can hit the bull's-eye accompanying with the beat of the drum is a victory. It is different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with the movements of the practice of "Posing as an Archer Shooting Both Left-and-Right-Handed ". Practicing the methods with music,exercisers can not only keep the consistence and softness of the movements,but also control the respiratory that are featured with being deep, thin, even and long.What's more, the wonderful melody of music is particularly beneficial for body and mind health of hanuman beings, it can also cultivate one's taste. So practicing Health ·Qigong with the music will bring unexpected sound effects .

In a word, practicing one's skills and cultivating one's mind are just like the practice of shooting. As their wills inside the body are positive and the body outside is straight,then people who are good at shooting, draw the bow and shoot, and they can hit the targets. Also they can shooting on both sides, which may show their virtues. There is fresh national blood of body building, life-nourishing and cultivating one's mind flowing in these ancient vessels.

(By Wang Zhanhe)

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