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Giving good teaching lessons according to the characteristics of the overseas Health Qigong Promotion(II)

III. Improving teaching methods

The greatest difficulty in the overseas teaching is the difference in cultural background, humanistic idea, thinking mode between the teachers and students, which made it very difficult for the foreign students to understand the connotation and essentials of Health Qigong. Therefore, the teaching methods shall be different from those adopted for domestic students. They must be scientific, simple, vivid and lively. And when giving lessons, special attention should be paid to the sequence and methods of verbal expressions. They should be systematic and hierarchical. In the meanwhile, when deciding the pace of the lectures, it should take into account the thinking mode and understanding level of the foreign students. For example: at the beginning of the Health Qigong lectures, it is necessary to make a brief description (brief introduction of the course). If it is to review the previous teaching content at first, the teacher could review several movements at the beginning, pay attention to remind the students of the essentials required to be grasped in particular, and then clearly explain the content of the new lecture, the relationship between the content of the new lecture and the content of previous lectures, and the effect desired to be achieved through the lecture. In addition, the teachers should use the simplest words to make the students understand the position of the lecture in the teaching schedule of Health Qigong. Only in this way can the learning thought of the foreign students become clear.

The teachers shall try their best to know about the historical and cultural background, the humanistic and social customs, and the structural characteristics of the languages of different countries and regions on the basis of absorbing the domestic teaching experiences of Health Qigong, and to grasp the understanding level of the students on Chinese culture and the practicing situation of the students on the exercises and technologies of Health Qigong. They should also try to link the information to the teaching content, so as to improve the intimacy and attractiveness of the teaching.

In the teaching process, the teachers should also fully take into account both the whole and the individual. Every detail, from eye contact, tone, the position they are standing in the site, to the gestures and body postures when they are speaking, should try to enable the students to listen clearly, look comfortably, and have an overall harmonious feeling.

The demands of the teachers for classroom discipline and class attending form in overseas teaching should be different from domestic teaching, too. For example, the foreign students always like gathering around to listen to the lectures and practice exercises. Interactive teaching forms are popular among them; the standing time for the foreign students to merely attend classes should better not be more than 5 minutes. The students are allowed to sit down to listen to the classes at random; before coaching a student in his movements, the teacher should try to obtain the consent of the student before contacting his body; the teacher should not blame a student for his mistakes in public, but should try to make much comment as possible in a positive and encouraging manner; it is very normal for the students to drink and eat in class, therefore, the teacher should try not to interfere with such affairs ; Try not to show contemptuous look to the students who are late for classes or leave early. In contrast, the teacher may greet them to express his welcome or farewell.

IV. Focusing on summarizing and improving

The summary of teaching classes is embodied in two aspects, including the summary of teaching situation and the summary of teaching design. The summary of teaching situation is carried out by the teachers after the teaching content finishes. It is a clear and concise summary of the actual situation of both the teachers and students presented after the course finishes. The summary of teaching design is an introspection and conclusion of the teaching effects carried out by the teachers after classes based on the contrast with the teaching plan. It is to check the specific effects of the teaching implementation, where we can affirm which teaching methods are popular among the students, which teaching plan designs are worthy of recognition and which places are required to be improved. The improvement of teaching level are embodied in subtle trifles, therefore, only by carefully figuring out and understanding them can experiences be accumulated. And thus focusing on summarizing and improving is becoming very important and urgent to improve the teaching activities in the overseas Health Qigong promotion.

(By Huang Wei)

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