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Giving good teaching lessons according to the characteristics of the overseas Health Qigong Promotion(I)

The teaching in the overseas promotion activities of Health Qigong has a lot of distinctive characteristics and demands in comparison with the Health Qigong teaching in domestic colleges and universities and the teaching in Health Qigong backbone training. Therefore, only by giving teaching lessons according to the characteristics and demands of the overseas Health Qigong promotion,can the expected teaching goal and effect be achieved. The following is an exploration on overall teaching planning, teaching conditions, teaching methods and teaching summary.

I. Making a good overall teaching planning

The overall teaching planning is a planning and design of teaching tasks, including three elements, namely time, content and method. The overseas teaching is always characterized by teachers’ unfamiliarity with the situation and conditions of the teaching objects, short preparation time for lectures and insufficient teaching information that has been mastered. Therefore, it is very important to make an overall planning and design for overseas teaching. For example, the information, specific to the lecture times of a certain foreign teaching site, the class hour per time and the arrangement of the overall class hour and the standards the teaching of exercise technologies should reach, should be all taken into comprehensive account according to the known information, and make relatively appropriate teaching plans. And in the meanwhile, it should form a clear framework in teaching time, content and method under the premise of finishing the teaching content. Only in this way can the teaching be smoothly implemented and adjusted in time.

II. Improving teaching conditions

The teachers who are responsible for overseas teaching assignments are generally strongly professional. They not only have a profound and solid theoretical foundation, but also have rich teaching experiences. However, they always have little knowledge of the environment, conditions, objects and other aspects of overseas teaching, and can only get little information. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to improve the teaching conditions to carry out overseas teaching activities. Upon arriving at the station, the teachers shall get as much information as possible about the class location, teaching site, number and age group of the students, lecture schedule, continuity of teaching content, understanding level of the students on the content to be learnt and other information from the accompanying personnel, the local country or the regional event coordinator. And then make careful analysis and full preparation for lectures based on the situation learnt from the above personnel in advance, and in the meanwhile, consider corresponding solutions when conditions change. Before giving lessons, the teaching personnel shall get well dressed, pay attention to their appearance, and make full careful preparation of relevant materials, diagrams, models, and music and play devices.

(By Huang Wei)

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