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Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue Formulas(Ⅳ)

Routine 5 Chui Exercise

Relax wrist and extend palms to point forward, hold level on the right and left to bend backward, draw a circle backward until the waist, press palm center close to rib eye gently. Let down palms and exhale with a Si sound, bend elbows and encircle arms with a slight squat, withdraw palms to the navel and touch and rub the Dai meridian with the middle part of hand between thumb and index finger.

Movement gist: exhale with Chui as a sound of labial, draw back tongue and corners of mouth, exhale to let down and embrace, inhale with nose while rubbing with palms.

Common error: too tight and non-relaxed palms and stiffness of sliding movement.

Correction: fall down naturally and easily and experience the slipping action attentively.

Role: Chui exercise corresponds to kidney and is good in regulation. Rubbing waist and belly with hands gently can strengthen waist and invigorate kidney.

Routine 6 Xi Exercise

Drop palms to rotate inward and then turn outside, make the palm opposite to back of hand and rise to bosom, stretch knees with upper arm no longer raised, separate palms and expand outward into a curve. Bend elbows and withdraw palms to bosom, squat to exhale with a Xi sound and press down, drop palms at 15cm to hip, gather palm and hand back to front of underbelly.

Movement gist: exhale a Xi sound with the tongue reaching lower teeth, upwarp corners of the mouth and slightly drawback, uphold and expand outward to inhale with nose, press hands down to make a slight squat.

Common error: stand up just after dropping palms naturally, swing arms outward and stretch horizontally on both sides.

Correction: drop palms while bending knees, swing arms outward in circle instead of straight line.

Role: Xi exercise corresponds to triple energizer and can regulate it. It can lift and eliminate the air in body, harmonize Qi and blood to ensure unobstructed meridians.

Closing form

Rotate hands outward and then turn inward, withdraw and nestle on navel gently, touch navel with the middle part between thumb and index finger, stretch knees slowly and look down forward, message gently for a little rest with three clockwise and anti-clockwise circles respectively, separate hands and drop them beside body, take foot in and stand with feet together in peace.

Movement gist: relax in body and clam in mind, intake to repose.

Role: intake to repose and massage gently, transfer from training Qi to tonifying Qi, gradually restore life state, and return Qi to the source in even mind.

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