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My Inspirations from the Practice of Health Qigong
  I have been 76 years old but I always feel I'm strong in energy. Those who respect me call me "grandpa Zhu" and some bosom friends call me "younger Zhu". However, the intimating people may address me as "strong Zhu."To my way of thinking, all the reasons for the above names could be owned to the practice of Health Qigong. A long-term practice of the Health Qigong gives me deep inspirations and the practice has proved  the aims of invigorating health effectively, preventing diseases, prolonging life and cultivating one's taste, which could obtain the results of life cultivation and health preservation and anti-aging.
  Could the Health Qigong be truly magic as such? My experience must convince you fully. Dating back to 15 years ago, I unluckily suffered from intestinal cancer. Then, in the air hospital of Hong Zhou, I experienced seven operations, thirteen repeated  chemotherapy and from which, fourteen scars were left on my body. According to the section test by the operator, doctor Chen Wenqing, my cancer had be in the later period. The situation was serious. After the operations, I was only 43 kg in weight with deep yellow complexion and hollow-eyed look. Therefore, all the people around me thought I had meet my last days. Facing the impasse, I didn't give up the hope of survival. Originally, I took walking as the way of recovery. Although the continued daily walking of miles could work a bit, the result is not obvious. Later, I participated in the training class of Health Qigong hosted by the elder sports association of Huangyan District. The coach Li Dongju, as far as know, is a national level instructor of social sports with good reputation of behaviors and skills. In the training course, the teacher was serious with her education and I also practiced diligently. Besides the teaching, the morning excise led by the teacher in the Kong Garden always continued, regardless of the weather. As for me, I was nearly the first one to the field on which I  moved the appliances out waiting for the practice of others. Afterwards, I  cleaned up the appliances and returned home by bus. That was nearly the daily life all the year around. In the period, I repeatedly took parted in some large-sized demonstration of national, provincial, municipal, district and community-level, from which I benefited a lot. In addition, in the competition of the elder group of the 13th sports held by Huang Yan district on Oct.15,2011, I was awarded sportsmanship prize. The practice of the Health Qigong not only awards me honor, but also further strengthen my body.
  With the help of the practice over the past years, I feel my qi and blood circulates smoothly. A saying of doctor goes like this: "The main and collateral channels stagnation leads to pain."I think the Health Qigong can help to dredge the channels and thus my pain is rid off and my disease relieves or eliminates.
  Before the practice, I eat like a bird and the four limbs were ice-cold. When I took up the practice, my body, arms and legs became warm and sweating. Along with an obviously- enlarged appetite, my weight was added up to 60 kg. And I think the practice of the Health Qigong has contributed a lot with pertinent recovery roles, which could promote blood circulation, increase saliva secretion, add intestines and stomach digestive juice, enhance peristalsis and intensify digestive function .I would not like brag and the experience is the best teacher. I was awarded as "Anti-cancer Warrior" by the Anti-cancer Association of Huangyan District, which is the best certification.
  The practice of the Health Qigong could play the roles of cultivating temperament and increasing morality. According to my understanding, insufficient internal qi and spirit will lead to emotional instability. When I took up the practice, all the things changed and a genial, open-minded person boasting stable emotion, sufficient qi and spirit and higher morality appeared. Moreover, I always want to do something for this society and therefore, I had signed an agreement with related organization to donate my body and cornea for the use of medical scientific research. With the act, I could do some help for this community.
  Hey! Although I'm an elder in my seventies and eighties, I still manage a rice field exceeding one mu with a high yield of over 650 kg. Further, another land covering the same area could product 1500 kg oranges and tangerines with wide varieties. The sharing with others for the harvest is joyful. You know, no other people in the family could help me to work in the field and the practice of the Health Qigong create a refreshing and regenerate me. It's a miracle!
  Finally, I would like to call on everyone to practice the health Qigong. The exercise is a science, which is not mysterious and it has noting with superstition. Moreover, it has a wide mass base and is receiving more and more concerns from the state and society. I firmly believe the Health Qigong will contribute a lot to a healthy society and the progress of social civilization.
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