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Beauty of Da Wu: Inspiration from Practicing Health Qigong•Da Wu
  Health Qigong•Da Wu has brought practitioners with lots of aesthetic feelings and experiences. Here, I would like to share with many Da Wu friends the beauty I have experienced during practicing this set of methods.
  The beauty of rhythm. Rhythm, a form manifesting the beauty of life, is born in a person’s behavior. To go deeper, it also reflects one’s accomplishments and inner beauties. Based on the idea of dredging and freeing the joints as well as ascenting and conducting with dance, Health Qigong•Da Wu, with spine as the axial bone, is based on simple ancient dance movements and lays stress on stretching, bending and resolving of various joints in the whole body. It integrates cultivating moral character, nourishing inner nature, entertainment and appreciation and features elegant movements and smooth link-ups. How admirable it cultivates beauty of life rhythm through exercises.
  The beauty of softness. In terms of body, softness is the symbol of physical beauty; and in terms of moral standing, it constitutes beauty of human nature. Such kind of softness originates from movement, exercise and cultivation of body and spirit. The lightness, softness and beauty of Health Qigong•Da Wu stretch bone joints, muscles and tendons through slow and soft movements and provide exercise from head to foot, from inside to outside, of all the limbs and bones, and the five viscera and six bowels. It integrates both dance ascenting and conducting softness of human body, and spirit guiding softness of qi function and mind.
  The beauty of strength. Fitness and strength is an eternal truth that people is pursuing. Health Qigong • Da Wu Exercise advises people to use the body movements such as lifting, sinking, opening and closing. The breath and mind should coordinate with the movements. Thus, viscera can be regulated and the blood and qi can be dredged. The primordial qi can be reinforced. Through practicing Da Wu, healthy people can keep fit, sick people can control disease, and patients can be restored to health. In this sense, Da Wu presents the beauty of strength and fitness.
  The beauty of spirits. One should have spirit and show his spirit. Spirit is developed from good sports events. Health Qigong•Da Wu has characteristics e.g. keeping simple and generous in nature, with movement outside and dance inside; guiding the dance with mind and exercising the body with dance; featuring soft and harmonious movements and rhythm with the ideation and the qi following each other; tampering hardness with softness while mustering the breath, etc. Through frequent practice of this set of methods, practitioners can cultivate the beauty of relaxing the spirit, being focused, and rhythm and the spirit following each others. 
  The beauty of calmness. Remaining detached and empty-mind and keeping a sound mind is the beauty of temperament that one should be possessed. The whole set of Health Qigong•Da Wu calms people down with harmonious dance movements and soothing music, so that people are able to get rid of the noisy world and all worries and fears; the slow and light movements tamper tension with relaxation, hardness with softness; and breath becomes regular, soft and deep while qi movements are induced. Unfettered and carefree comfort at peace naturally comes out of heart, thus practitioners can feel the do-nothing state that Dao follows the law of the nature, the ethereal conception of remaining detached and empty minded, and then get to the beautiful world that guides the dance with mind, unifies dance and mind, moves light as a swallow and gets refreshed.    
  The beauty of pleasantness. Pleasantness is one of the key constituents of one’s mental life. A pleasant mind brings people with passion and energy for life, work and study. Such feeling is particularly deep on me: I have tried dance and setting-up exercise previously, but after practicing Health Qigong•Da Wu, I feel it much superior to the former. Most actions of setting-up exercise are just swings of body from side to side or back and forth, or shakings of body and so on. After practicing these fast movements, I often suffered from heat rate increase, being out of breath and fatigue. Depending on special arrangement of movements, even if I finish practicing the whole set of Health Qigong•Da Wu, I only sweat slightly but feel particularly happy.   
  The beauty of smile. Smile is the most visible reflection of one’s emotional changes from inner heart. Of course, smile can also ascent and induct inner harmful feelings. Health Qigong•Da Wu firstly requires practitioners to keep a quiet heart, be focused, dismiss distracting thoughts, breathe regularly and enter the best state for dance of integrating three regulations, that is, one should stand naturally, keep feet close to each other and hands naturally downward. The practitioners are physically relaxed and mentally calm, thus wearing a smile on the face. Such smile, not only presenting the role of mind will, but also interdependency between body and mind that is presented by slightly lower jaw, relaxed thoracic spine, and natural breath. Therefore, Da Wu can cultivate and create pleasant smile.
  The beauty of nature. Human needs the beauty of nature, and what is more important is, human should also maintain natural beauty. Especially in the present colorful world, more and more people are noticing that beauty based on modification is innocent, but natural beauty is even more bright and shining, and pursuit of beautiful sceneries in the nature has become a fashion. During practicing process of Health Qigong•Da Wu, eyes look up to up front of forehead as hands upward, jaw raises, and practitioners are filled with self-confidence and enter the optimal and most beautiful state of pleasantness as if they are looking up at sky and embracing nature. During practicing and teaching this action, I have experienced that we should be calm, focused, happy and full of aesthetic feelings and good thoughts, so that we can better experience, by opening our chest, the sweet mood of embracing nature and the perfect mindset of being focused, and get access to the world of Health Qigong•Da Wu’s natural beauty based on guiding the dance with mind, unifying the dance and mind, and getting ourselves refreshed.
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