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The Effect of SI Exercise on Me
  "Si Ji Que Bing Ge" in the "Zun Sheng Eight Jian Jiao Zhu · Yan Nian Qu Bing Jian" has recorded, "Practicing the XU Exercise in the spring can nourish the eyes and liver, practicing the HE Exercise in the summer can regulate the heart, practicing the SI Exercise in the autumn can regulate the lung, and practicing the CHUI Exercise in the winter can regulate the kidney, practicing the XI Exercise can regulate the triple burners, practicing the HU Exercise can regulate the spleen, and read the words silently." This song has been verified by me, especially the SI Exercise. I have treated the cough, upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases for a few months with medication, but it did not work.
  In 2005, I started to practice Health Qigong · Liu Zi Jue. I did not intend to cure the diseases and just often practiced it. After suffering from a bad cold in April of this year, I cough continuously all day and suffered the upper respiratory tract infection half month later. I have tried the western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and infusion, but it still not improve. Occasionally, I remembered that the SI Exercise of Liu Zi Jue in the Health Qigong · Liu Zi Jue corresponds to the lungs. So I have practiced the SI Exercise for fifty times in the morning and evening every day. After practicing three days, I found that the frequency of cough has reduced every day, which has increased my confidence. After practicing seven days, I basically got better, and I was completely better ten days later. Then I had further understanding and discussion on the SI Exercise.
  The sound of "Si" must be accurate. There is a narrow stitch between the upper and lower incisors when exhaling, the tongue tip touches the teeth, and qi is exhaled between the teeth. The chest expands slowly when inhaling, and the abdomen is slightly adducted, so that qi of Dantian can rise to the chest. The congenital qi and the acquired qi meet in the chest, which can exercise the respiratory function of the lungs. When making the sound of "Si", the breathing must be soft, deep, long and thin, in order to increase the amplitude of the diaphragm and produce the similar massage effect on the lungs. When people suffer the pulmonary infection, the gas exchange between the lung and the outside world is blocked, the function of the blood to transform qi and the gas exchange between the blood and tissue are in the disorders. It was documented by a number of books that "the lungs are transparent with a lot of honeycombs, it would be full when inhaling and it would be empty when exhaling." "The lung governs the nose." "The lung is the container of qi." So the deep breathing in the SI Exercise can promote the circulation of qi and blood in the lungs, as well as the gas exchange. Making the sound of "Si" can discharge the foul smell of the lungs, promote the circulation of qi, regulate the functions of the lungs, and exhale the old and inhale the new, so as to play the role of healing and keeping fitness.
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