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Insights on the Routine Regulating Triple Energizers by Supporting the Sky with Both Hands

Health Qigong •Ba Duan Jin is a gem of Chinese Qigong, including cultured Ba Duan Jin and martial Ba Duan Jin. According to the different postures of exercisers, it also can be divided into sitting Ba Duan Jin and standing Ba Duan Jin. Health Qigong •Ba Duan Jin has been organized and compiled by the experts of the Health Qigong Association Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China. It is easy to learn, train and promote, which is very popular in the exercisers. The key points and requirements of actions, as well as theories and functions are described clearly in the textbooks, which has laid the foundation for the promotion and teaching.

Combining the principles of Health Qigong, I have got some insights on the routine Regulating Triple Energizers by Supporting the Sky with Both Hands in the process of teaching and practicing.

First, supporting the sky with both hands to open Laogong point and absorb qi from sky.

After the beginning form, revolve both hands outward, palms down in the front of abdomen with palms up, fingers apart, and then cross ten fingers, thus the three yin channels of hand and three yang channels of hand of both hands are connected. Lift palms to the chest to connect the middle Dantian, revolve both hands inward to palms up, until unbend the arms. At this point, Laogong point is fully open and it can absorb qi freely. Eyes follow the hands and look at the palms with open-minded, so as to watch the high sky and absorb qi. Draw back the chin and pause for two seconds, the absorbed qi flow to Dantian along the meridians of both arms.

Second, standing with both feet to open Yongquan point and absorb qi from earth.

Both feet standing side by side, slightly unbend the knees, so as to open Yongquan point and connect to earth qi. The foul smells inside the body flow down to the earth, and then healthful qi rise upward from Yongquan point to Dantian, along with the three yin channels of foot and three yang channels of foot. When absorb qi from sky and earth, the exchange channels of qi of the exercisers all open, so as to get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, thus the gas field of the natural big universe and individual small universe has achieved a balance, namely the unity of heaven and man. Meanwhile, the triple energizers are also renewed.

Third, supporting the sky and standing on earth to unlock the function of the “second heart”.

The heart plays the role of "pump" in the blood circulation of the body. When left ventricle contract every time, the blood with oxygen and nutrients after the pulmonary circulation flow through the whole body to the ends of body, to supply nutrients and oxygen needed by the body. The blood carried with "waste" flow back to the heart, and it will go back to left ventricle after the pulmonary circulation. In this process, the ends used for the exchange oxygen and blood can be called capillary bed. In the quiet state, the capillary bed is open in turn (20%), when lifting the arms and standing with both feet, the stretching of muscles of the upper and lower limbs is conductive to the peripheral blood circulation and increase the exchange of oxygen and blood in the capillary vascular. It plays the effect of the “second pump”, which is equivalent to unlock the function of the “second heart”.

Then palms slowly apart, arms respectively down to both sides as high as shoulder, bend the knees. Both palms continue to fall down to the front of the belly, and look straight ahead. Repeat these movements six times. It is beneficial to achieve the effects of body building and prolong life.

(Li Guizhen)

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