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A Brief Study on the Fitness Effects of Standing Exercise(Ⅲ)

III. The core of the standing exercise – qi

The ancients believe that qi is a natural phenomenon, the matters in the world are all constituted by qi, and all kinds of things are due to the motion and variation of qi. In other words, qi is the fundamental substances constituting the human body and the driving force of human life movement. Without qi, human life will be over, so "Nan Jing· Ba Nan (Classic on Medical Problems)" states, "Qi is the root of the human body". Specifically, qi plays the roles of promoting, warming, defending, controlling and transformation in the human body. As the saying goes, "Normal circulation of qi and blood lead to be healthy, while qi-stagnation and blood stasis cause the diseases". Through the practice, exercisers can experience the Warm feeling, tingling, swell and subcutaneous formication and so on. With the running of qi movement in the whole body, exercisers will also have feelings in the outside of body, such as the reaction of mutual attraction and mutual repulsion, namely external qi, which is the nutrient substance resulting from the biochemical process.

Blood circulates through the whole body ranging from the internal organs to muscles and bones, playing the role of nourishing the body. Life will also come to an end due to the lack of blood. Many diseases are due to the disorder of qi, blood and the nerves. In addition to medication and other treatment methods, exercisers can also get through the channels through the consciousness stimulating nerves and nerves governing qi and blood, so as to achieve the purposes of balancing yin and yang and eliminating the diseases. Although the exercise methods are different, their common points is that governing nerves with awareness and dominating qi and blood with nerves, to reach the balance of the whole body.

The exercisers need a process to reach this state. The length of the process mainly depends on the understanding and comprehension of practitioners on the exercise methods. The correct and profound understanding can reduce the process, otherwise, it will be extended. In addition, it also depends on the age and physical condition of the practitioners. Healthy young exercisers can shorten this process. Moreover, the total practice time also directly affect the length of this process. Practicing a long time every time and accumulating more practice time every day can significantly shorten the process. The practice time shows a certain amount of exercise. Quantitative change causes qualitative change, and gradual change can cause a big jump.

The consciousness stimulating nerves and nerves governing qi and blood are all gradually transitional development from a part to overall. The senses of numb, heating and swell start from hands, and go along the upper limb, to the shoulders and back and so on, until exercisers feel numb, heating and swell in the whole body. The senses of numb, heating and swell are due to the running of qi movement. The running of qi movement can be induced by the consciousness. Utilizing the mind means directing one's strength, through concentration, to a part of the body.

The consciousness stimulating nerves and nerves governing qi and blood have developed from nothing, from weak to strong and step by step. The understanding of numb, heating and swell of practitioners also need a process. At first, some exercisers have not experienced the senses of numb, heating and swell, after practicing the standing exercise, the antennal nerve has started to experience the feelings of numb, heating and swell, gradually developing to the whole body from local reaction.

The accumulated repetition from consciousness to practice is the domination process of consciousness stimulating nerves and nerves governing qi and blood. Without the repeated process, it will not get the result, namely developing from dynamic to static, and from static to dynamic, seeking dynamic from static, and extreme static begets dynamic. Initially, exercisers may find that the consciousness cannot stimulate nerves and nerves cannot govern qi and blood. It requires a repeated excitation and domination process, that is, the process to enter the state.

If exercisers practice insincerely and give up halfway, it is impossible to learn the standing exercise well. In the practice, exercisers should clarify the definite meaning of every form. Specifically speaking, what should exercisers look inward? Exercisers should make what kind of adjustments in what kind of circumstances? How to further develop the "looking inward"? Practicing blindly without mastering these principles is prone to make mistakes.

Consciousness, nerve and blood are interrelated. Frail people must be dual depletion of qi and blood, and need to nurture qi and spirit, as well as slowly cultivate vitality qi. Sufficient vital qi leads to healthy body.

The practice of standing exercise can nourish the essence, qi and spirit; give full play to the functions of nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system and motor system, to achieve the smooth qi movement in the body and the quiet, relaxed and natural state, combining spirit and form with qi implied in them.

Thus, all kinds of diseases will naturally disappear, obtaining the maximum benefits from the fitness and health exercises.
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