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On Health Qigong Principles(Ⅱ)

According to different forming conditions, reflection can be divided into unconditioned reflex and conditioned reflex. Unconditioned reflex is the racial hereditary, innate and inherent reflex which is the live-support necessity. For example, salivation reflex led by food stimulating the oral cavity, or eyelid-quick close corneal reflex led by eye winkers stimulating eyeballs and so on, belongs to unconditioned reflex. The number of unconditioned reflex is few, but reflex arc is fixed. Conditioned reflex is one kind of high-level nerve activities based on unconditioned reflex, and is the endless, constructible and regressive reflex which is formed by human or other high-level animals in the acquired life. For example, the classical allusion “quench one’s thirst by thinking of plums” is a vivid picture of conditioned reflex. Generally, cerebral cortex is involved in the activities of conditioned reflex. The establishment of conditioned reflex can transfer a number of irrelevant stimulus into predictive signals and greatly improve the human’s or other animals’ ability to adapt to the environmental change. Therefore, conditioned reflex is of more adaptive significances. In its exercise process, Health Qigong not only influences the function of unconditioned reflex, but relates closely to formation, consolidation, division, generalization and development of conditioned reflex of Health Qigong. Such as, under the guiding of thought, the conditioned reflex of body and mind relaxing established by exercisers with repeating stimulus; the conditioned reflex which makes the brain get into relaxation and quietness, through exercisers’ concentrating on one point or one location with consciousness repeatedly; the second signal system conditioned reflex set up by exercisers under the different kinds of orders, and so on. It can be seen that many exercises methods of Health Qigong are the establishment and consolidation of the conditioned reflexes of body and visceral.

Why did ancient people emphasize that doing exercises should obey the principle “It is important to practice professionally and concentrated”? Actually, it is also relevant to the fact that doing Qigong exercises is the establishment process of conditioned reflexes. As we know, every kind of practice has its own feature. All of them are the processes of establishing a series of conditioned reflexes of body and mind, which are based on their own particular contents and methods. Because different practices of Qingong result in different stimulus to life activities of the human body, thus differences exist naturally between different conditioned reflexes required for different practices. Doing one kind of practices for a long time, which stimulate continuously and repeatedly the human body, can help human establishing a stable conditioned reflex, and can make the life activities of the human body more ordering. If doing different kinds of practices at the same time, then many different conditioned reflexes need to be established by human body at the same time. This can easily lead to the life activities of the human body running without laws and orders, and inevitably influence the fitness effect. If one wants to master the essence of Qigong exercises, he should not mingle different practices at the same time. That is the reason for ancient people to lay much emphasis on the principle mentioned above. It is certain that the emphasis on the principle mentioned does not mean that exercisers can only do one practices all the time, but that they can exercise other practices of different kind under the guiding from the same principle unless they have master the former practices.

(By Cai Li)

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