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location: Frist page Theory & Efficacy Regulation Functions of Health Qigong•Ba Duan Jin for Health Condition of Different Groups(Ⅱ)
Regulation Functions of Health Qigong•Ba Duan Jin for Health Condition of Different Groups(Ⅱ)

Middle-aged and Elderly People

In accordance with the research published on Journal of Beijing Sport University, Wang Songtao et al selected 100 healthy elderly people for each gender who were not used to do exercise in daily life(male are between age 61-65, and female between age 56-60.). The Subjects were randomly divided into two groups, the reference group and the Ba Duan Jin exercisers’ group. The latter group practiced Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin for six months, with the frequency of seven times a week, and an hour for each time. The Subjects were tested before the research, at the third month and the sixth month during the research by employing SF-36. The result showed that after a period of Ba Duan Jin exercise, the physical function (PF), role prohibition caused by physical health (RP), vitality (V'T), social function(SF), physical condition survey(PCS) and mental condition survey(MCS) of the Subjects enjoyed a notable improvement. Thus it proved that Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin is helpful to improve the health quality of the senior citizens. Tang Qinghua’s research shared the same conclusion with this one. According to the Journal of Physical Education Institute of Shanxi Normal University, Tang carried out a comparative experiment in Ba Duan Jin exercise by using group-dividing method. The result of this research showed that Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin had a positive influence upon the physical conditions and quality of the retired college/university teachers, including their weight, body mass index, waist hip ratio, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure (for female), sit-and-reach, eye-closed and single-legged standing, waist circumference, spirometry and grip strength. Pan Huashan believes that after one year’s exercise, the stroke volume (SV), stroke index (SI), cardiac output (CO), artery flexible expand coefficient (FEK), artery compliance (AC) ,and the vital capacity of the Subjects enjoys an increase, while the value of left cardiac work index (LVwI), heart oxygen consumption index (HOI), systolic blood pressure (SP), Total Physical Response (TPR), and aorta blood leave coefficient (BLK) decrease. This indicates that practicing Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin can enhance the heart pumping force compensation, myocardial contractility and blood stroke volume, and can alleviate the pressure on the heart. It is helpful to improve the elasticity of the blood vessel and the pulmonary function; and it can increase the blood value and better the blood flow and concentration rate. All of these functions have a positive influence upon the senior citizens’ respiratory system. Another interesting finding is published on Chinese Journal of clinical rehabilitation by Huang Tao et al, who believe that practicing Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin can improve the exerciser’s serum levels of nitric oxide and serum SOD activity, and reduce the level of serum propylene glycol and the degree of lipid peroxidation. Therefore, it is also contributing to the aging resistance. The increase of nitric oxide and Serum SOD activity is more obvious among male senior exercisers, while the decrease of serum propylene glycol is more notable among female senor exercisers; and there’s no difference among the middle aged male and female groups in the previous three indexes. He Jinghe et al published a research on the Journal of Medical Institution of Chinese Armed Police Force (CAPF) saying that practicing Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin can improve the female senior exercisers’ SOD activity, delay the free radical damage, increase the level of sex hormones, and enhance the neuronal response and balance ability. Wang Songtao’s another research published on Journal of Chinese tissue engineering research and Clinical rehabilitation also comes to the same conclusion that the regular exercising of Health Qigong ·Ba Duan Jin can delay the senior people’s intellectual decline rate.

(By Zhang Yue & Li Junjie)

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