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The Function of the Routine “Lotus Flower Appears above the Water” (Fu Rong Chu Shui)(Ⅱ)

The third movement is to turn the fists into palms with the inhale, put palms roots together before the chest like the lotus. The body slowly rises up like a lotus rising out of water, which brings us a clean and beautiful mood. The right foot step to the right, with the toe touching ground first (It aims to avoid a measured gait with the toes pointing outwards), and then the center of gravity is moved to between the legs, popping up the palms as the body rises, which can not only regulate the triple energizers, but also massage the internal organs .

The forth movement is to the center of gravity is moved to the right foot with the breath, the right leg is slightly bent; the left foot closes to right foot. Separate both palms respectively to the left and right side of the body. Look straight ahead. (Make the sound of "Si" while exhaling, which belongs to the lung meridians and mind concentration on the Taiyuan acupoint) Separate both palms respectively to the left and right can regulate the lung meridians; and mind concentration on the Taiyuan acupoint can dredge the lung meridians. The lung governs Qi, connecting with all meridians of the body. The circulation of blood depends on the motivation of Qi, so it can regulate the circulation of Qi and blood of the body. Stimulating the Taiyuan acupoint, which belongs to the yuan-primary point and shu-stream point of the lung meridians, can prevent and control the wrist pain, cough, asthma, hemoptysis, chest pain and other diseases.

The movements aim to adjust the body and exercise the meridians. Accompanying with the fine and deep abdominal breathing, they are the needs to prolong the life. The longevity is called "Qi Shu (fortune destiny)" in the folk. The common understanding is that “Qi Shu” (fortune destiny) refers to the number of breaths. The number of breaths is limited. "One's days are numbered" which means one's life is over. So if we want to extend the life, it is necessary to reduce the number of breaths per minute.

So, Tao Yin health preserving experts all advocate "breathing to the navel", and they say that "if people breathe to the navel, it will prolong the life."

Chuang Tzu advocated "breathing to heels", heels are the lower parts of the body. Actually, it refers to the deep breathing, which is called "breathing to the roots". The Returning to the roots means to be quiet and returning to the life, so as to achieve longevity.

We should inhale lightly and exhale slowly, gradually learn the deep abdominal breathing when breathing. Abdominal breathing -- the diaphragm muscles go down and the abdomen is convex when inhaling; the diaphragm muscles go up and the abdomen is concave to increase the depth of breathing when exhaling. There are the diaphragm, the upper and lower thoracic cavity, as well as the intercostal muscles. The heart is on the top, the liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen are in the middle, the large intestine, small intestine, kidney, bladder are in the below part. The contraction of the diaphragm will lengthened the chest, the abdominal pressure is increased. The changing barometric pressures contribute to the breath.

Because the contraction of diaphragm, the liver and gallbladder in one side and the spleen and stomach in another side are affected, thus improving the blood circulation and smooth the qi, so the deep abdominal breathing can strengthen the main organs of the body and smooth the blood circulation. So the exercisers should gradually learn the deep abdominal breathing in the practice of Health Qigong.

After being skilled in the methods, the exercisers should gradually combine with the ideas. In such a way, the exercisers are not easily distracted, and it can strengthen physical health. In the Huangdi Neijing-Su Wen (Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor-Plain Questions), Huangdi asked Qibo that what should be prepared in the patient's bedroom? Qi Bo said that first of all to keep up your spirits and imagine that a kind of yang qi is developed in your heart to enrich yourself, and then imagine that green qi developed from the liver guards the east and turn into the woods; imagine that white qi developed from the lung guards the west and turn into the armours and weapons; imagine that red qi developed from the heart guards the south and turn into the shining brilliance; imagine that black qi developed from the kidney guards the north and turn into cold pure water; but also imagine that yellow qi developed from the  spleen guards the middle and turn into the soil used for the growth of everything; finally imagine that there is the Big Dipper shining on your head. Only with refreshing sprits and being full of healthy qi, you can enter the patient's bedroom. The ancients tell us that ideas can also keep fit and heal the diseases. In order to confirm that the mind concentration can keep fit, my teacher has found 35 middle aged and elderly people to do a contrast experiment of mind concentration on the Laogong acupoints for three minutes. After the mind concentration practice, their skin temperatures near the Laogong acupoints have increased at an average of 0.5 degrees. It indicates that the distal artery spasm of the body is healed and the blood circulation accelerates, which can strengthen the body. Mind concentration does not mean to pay attention to it, but exercisers should not practice unintentionally.

Exercisers should concentrate in a state between being intentional and being unintentional, as well as keep the mind continuously.

(By Meng Xia)

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