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Learning and Exercising Experience of Health Qigong•Mawangdui Daoyin Shu
  The creation and design of the entire set of method of Health Qigong•Mawangdui Daoyin Shu is guided by a holistic view. Through the body’s opening and closing, lifting and falling, rotating and stretching, stretching the bones and tendons, it can exercise all the joints, stretch and stimulate the viscera and bowels. During the practice of methods, make regular and deep breathing. Movement is guided by ideation, coordination of movement and ideation and the unity of will and spirit can drive the body qi activity smooth and easy to achieve the purpose of dredging meridian and activating blood, building and strengthening the body. When practicing Health Qigong ·Mawangdui Daoyin Shu each time, s special concept will always dominate the whole exercise process: feel the exercise state of quiet movement, harmonious qi and peaceful spirit from the soft and slow and uniform dynamics.
  Preparing form: tranquil qi and leisurable spirit start qi activity
  Stand and close the feet, hang the arms naturally and bend the knees, smiling. When the ideation has just reached the shoulders, the shoulders blades automatically expand to both sides, driving the shoulders go down. The feeling of loosing and sinking instantly transmits to the limbs and even the whole body. The breadth of mind is felt like being stretched to the surroundings, accompanying by soothing deep breath, the chest is empty and open, nothing left in the heart. The body relaxation is instantly completed. All around Baihui point is empty and intangible, the spirit of vitality and power will also double. At the moment because of the empty Baihui, tranquil qi and leisurable spirit, all the tendons and bones are naturally brought up while the skin and flesh are naturally hanged down. Coupled with ideation keeping the Dantian, like keeping it or not, regular and deep obverse abdomen breathing is matched up, standing silently for about one minute. In the cool and clear heart, under the drive of interior strength led by relaxation, the qi activity is started. The body and mind of the exerciser will gradually enter into the empty and quiet “infinite state”.
  Beginning form: clear qi increases and turbid qi declines
  Two palms lift up and press down, accompanying with breathing, lead the turbid qi inside the body to decline and eliminate it, then the clear qi increases and infuses to the whole body. In the tender and soothing elevation and press, qi activity will circulate slowly and stably according to certain rules. Feel the smooth breath and soft body and mind, and realize the true meaning of “soft interior and tender qi”. “Soft” means neutral and stable, “tender” means that the turbid qi stirring in heart gradually weakens and even dissolves. The pleasant and clear qi infuses the whole body, this moment, the thought in the brain and worry in the heart will all dispel along it, thus stimulating the circulation of qi and blood.
If a man has excessive greed, worry and fear, he will be filled with turbid qi inside his body, stagnation of meridian and collateral which leads to the neutral loss of body and mind, the feeling of qi stagnation in chest is obvious. Turbid qi and clear qi are yin and yang, either strong or weak. Clear qi increasing and turbid qi declining cannot be easily understood as that clear qi is a kind of qi, the empty and quiet mood makes the turbid qi declining, not running from the foot. Clear qi rises to the chest or head while turbid qi declines and clear qi increases, forcing turbid qi hid in clear qi in latent form. In other words, the turbid qi plugged in chest and abdomen will gradually decline and be replaced by clear qi during the process of calm down. The clear qi is distributed in the whole body, refreshing the body. Just now being in a calm mood, suddenly you come across a very angry thing, then the clear qi inside the chest and abdomen will be replaced by turbid qi hidden there, which will fill up the chest and abdomen, agitating people.
  After finishing the exercise, you will feel extraordinarily relaxed in head. You would think first that the turbid qi inside the head has declined to feet and clear qi has increased to head. In fact, this is a process of either strong or weak and inconstancy of yin and yang, namely the turbid qi inside the head is gradually dissolved and then replace by clear qi during the neutral and silent exercising movement. The reason why you have such feelings is that the effect of all the viscera and bowels, having relation with the application of ideation during the exercising movement process. Similarly, in terms of the legs below the abdomen, even the meridian and collateral are blocked in a degree, its manifestations are mostly feeling dumb and swelling, while cannot feel stuffy.
  Drawing a bow: ideation keep the points and orifices, and smooth the meridians
  Bend the elbows of the arms, the relative palms open and close before the chest. With the back as the axis, i.e., the back does not move, using the inverse abdomen breathing and the open and close force of the shoulder blades to drag the palms open and close. While opening chest and closing blades, cooperate with inhaling can push the shoulders blades close behind and drag the two palms gradually open to the width of the shoulders. While closing chest and opening blades, cooperate with slowly inhaling, relax the body and push the shoulders blades gradually open, and the two palms gradually open after that. In the opening and closing process, Laogong point of the palms should be always relative. Turning the body left is focused on the left thumb. When the movement is in place, the right shoulder joint sinks downward; the right hip joint is convex in the right; head turns backward a little bit. The moment of sinking shoulder, pushing hip and head leaning back, you can feel that the qi activity can slowly shake the entire left arm; the left thumb feels particularly evident, benefiting the smoothing of lung. While pushing the hip, around Shenyu and Zhishi points on the same side you will have the stretching feeling.
  Guiding the back: stretching the bones and tendons, and alternation of relaxation and contraction
  Arms rotate inside and insert forward and downward. Look at the fingertip of the index of the palms with ideation focusing on the index tip. The qi activity of ten fingers shakes, having the feeling of sinking downward, especially for the index, which is benefit for smoothing large intestine channel. At the same time, arch the back and lift the feet. While arching the back, the body gradually tightens, and the qi activity of back is in the static state of relative cohesion, gathering a certain amount of potential energy for relaxation. While dropping the feet, take relaxation from the waist, the interior qi transmits to the body instantly under the push of loosening force. While pushing the feet and rubbing the rib, the wrist should slightly put forth the strength. Sit backward, two palms outward, slightly put forth the strength to bend wrist, stretch the arms and arch the back, focusing on the index tip of both hands and the both sides of the nose, fitting Shangyang point with Yingxiang point. The point blending of two different parts are the specific performance of coherence, harmony and unity of movement, qi and heart, deriving from clear and relaxed mood. In the process of the center of gravity leaning forward and palms slowly falling down, relax yourself, and then the qi activity will swing in the five viscera and six bowels, limbs and bones. When the pressing side is to be the place, slowly and firmly tighten the arms and body, focusing on the warped index. In the process of taking back the left foot and two arms naturally falling on both sides of the body, slowly and gently relax the body; the interior qi will naturally scatter around the whole body. Stretch the tendons and bones, the alternation of relaxation and contraction can stimulate the circulation of qi and blood.
  Wild duck bath--Coordination of movement and ideation, unity of inside and outside
  Left foot strides half a step towards the left, and then put your right foot together. Meanwhile, two palms swing from right to left until the rear side of the body. With the left rotation of the body, we aim at the gradually consistency of right Jianjing point and left Huantiao point, pushing the waist to turn left and rotate right, and benefiting for dredging Jianjing point and Huantiao point. The waist drives the arms to swing from left to right, and the relative palms are aimed at the gradually consistency of left Jianjing and right Huantiao point. It is required that the beginner should have a very simple ideation, and continue to eliminate the distractions, focusing on the practice of movement method. When you are able to “realize when the idea appears”, then you can begin to experience the mood training of communication, consistency and unity of two points. The training process of consistency of two points is also delivering the information of communication and consistency for the mood, namely the deep consciousness. With the slow rotation of waist, we aim at the gradual consistency of two points, it is still the brain imagination and intentional. The mind must not all be used on experience, on contrary this will disrupt the peaceful mind that we should have during the exercise, being harmful to the body and mind. Gradually you will realize naturally that under the peaceful and quiet qigong state, involuntarily, that means without subjective effort and intentional brain thinking, you will suddenly have an idea at some point, that is to say, the order of desire from deep heart to experience the mood, inadvertently, you will enter the artistic conception of two points integrating into one heart.
  Dragon climbing: opening the heart and dredging the triple energizers
  Hold the lotus and slowly uplift it, the eyes are required to stare at the two palms, like you are holding a fresh and pure lotus in hand, with peaceful and safety mind. Two palms uplift to the top of head, fully stretch the triple energizers, slightly stretching and sinking the shoulders, driving the chest to loose while consciously releasing the boredom in the chest. With the deepening of exercise, it can be done in practice. Though in motion, the brain is relatively in a “quiet” state. At a certain moment, suddenly you will put down all the limitations of movement action, strength and mood, and powerfully get rid of the trouble having been entangled long in the heart from the depth of consciousness, realizing the harmonious and unity connation in relatively static of movement, qi and spirit. It can help to get rid of chest congestion, qi depression, asthma and other physical discomfort.
  Bird stretching: wriggling the spine and guiding the body to be soft
  Two arms make internal rotation, the waist drives the arms to swing from the inside to outside, and the spine from sacral spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine and Dazhui point steadily wriggle in small range. The waist drives the arms to swing again from the inside to outside again, a bigger range, the spine steadily bend backwards from up to down. The body bends forward, press the palms in front of body, rise head and the spine bend backwards. Jaw recovers inwards, lumbar spine, thoracic spine and cervical spine steadily wriggle and stretch, then the spine bend backwards from down to up, bowing forward, then the palms swing forward along the movement. In the tightening and loosening process of spines slowly wriggling and bending, the waist drives the arms to swing from inside to outside, increasing the range in turn.
  The spine is the extremely important structure of human body. In order to enhance the flexibility of the spine and play its normal physiological function, you should make appropriate bend and stretching sports, especially the tender and slow and steady wriggling in small range. Tighten it and then slowly relax, shock the qi inside the body, not only to prevent the possible harm for spine during the exercise process, but also to effectively prevent and cure lumbar spine and cervical spine and other spine diseases. Leaning backward and bending forward, accompanying with the guiding body action of spine steady wriggling, can continue to improve the stretching and bending ability of human body, develop the flexibility and lightweight of human body, so as to achieve the purpose of guiding the body to be soft, dredging all the meridians and circulating the qi and blood.
  Guiding the abdomen: soothing and flexible with continuous momentum
  Left waist contracts softly and slowly and right waist stretches, driving the left hip to be convex in the left and right leg slightly bend, the knees joints will slight bend in rhythm. Meanwhile, right shoulder joint rotates outside, while the left should joint rotates inside, driving the arms to rotate outside and turn in side, aiming at the little finger. The shoulder qi activity slightly shakes along with the rotation and stretching and slowly tightening and loosening of the body movement. Qi activity of ten fingers is full and smooth, especially the little finger, benefiting to smooth small intestine channel. With the help of soft interior strength, the body movement is soothing and flexible with continuous momentum. The interior momentum of Health Qigong means: “momentum breaks but strength links, qi breaks but ideation links.” The “momentum” of “momentum breaks but straight links” refers to the body movement. The sentence means: though the action is at halt, the interior strength produced by the active movement of qi activity never stops. In the soothing and flexible body movement, the interior strength may disappear, namely the qi activity movement is soothing, but you can still feel the peaceful circulation of qi activity. Though you cannot feel qi activity, you still have the clear heart, shining the inside and outside of the body, driving qi activity up and down, open and close by the regular rules. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of Health Qigong: movement is guided by ideation, coordination of movement and ideation and the unity of will and spirit. When the arms rotate inside and stretch outside, the abdomen is relaxed, slowly and softly massaging the abdomen and viscera is benefit to prevent and adjust indigestion and abdominal bloating and other discomfort.
  Owl watching: ideation follows the movement, the consistency of inside and outside
  The body turns left for 45°, left foot moves forward on the left. The moment of heel landing, upwarp the first toe, aims at Dadun, the ideation follows the movement. The upturned big toe should relax immediately and slowly fall, with attention focused on the big toe. The arms stretch, upwarp the big toe while hooking foot, aims at Dadun. While upwarping the big toe, Dadun, Yongquan and Weizhong, the three points all have tightened and trapped feelings and suddenly appear in heart, then the three points will naturally have the feeling of cooperated strength. It is the cooperated strength that makes the legs having the tenacity. When landing on the ground, the intended upturned toe lands, the big toe and the little toe automatically hold the ground. The qi inside both feet communicates with the qi outside the world, making the feet taking root, strong and stable. The upturned feet can stimulate Yongquan, Dadun and Weizhong, and has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and clearing the livers. Grip the points (Yinbai and Lidui) stimulating the spleen and stomach meridian qi to nourish spleen and invigorate stomach. The ideation follows the movement, meaning that the attention is focused on some part of exercising body. During the exercise, by the active and introversion application of ideation to mobilize, stimulate and strengthen the circulation of qi and blood. Perceiving, realizing and utilizing the strength have the effect of adjusting the yin and yang of the body, dredging the meridian and collateral, soothing the qi and blood and benefiting the genuine qi. The bloom of strength is based on this. The ideation can guide the qi for long and have strength while exercising. With ideation for some time, the cultivation and force and skill will reach a certain degree, and then the strength will suddenly run through the whole body, integrating the external form and internal qi in the quiet heart. Namely the consistency of inside and outside will flourish the vitality.
  Guiding the waist: bending forward and leaning backward to strengthen waist and supplement kidney.
  Rub the palms along the pulse to the body behind, then the two palms against the waist, four fingers push forward and the body leans backward. Shoulder guides the waist; elbow guides the hand to lift. When the hands fall down, the sequence of force putting is the same. All the movements are carried around the waist. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that waist is the home of kidney. All the health care experts of the generations all pay attention to the protection and exercise of waist. It there’s something wrong with the waist, then the kidney function is likely to be affected. In the state of ceasing distractions, no trouble in heart, silent and empty mind and consistency of spirit and qi, the body takes the exercise of softly and slowly bending forward and leaning backward, lateral bending and rotating, it will make the soothing circulation of qi and blood and also exercise the muscles in waist and back. It is beneficial to prevent and cure the discomfort of waist exercise, meanwhile strengthening the kidney function to achieve the effect of strengthen waist and supplement kidney.
  Wild goose flies and crane dances: quiet body, gentle qi and peaceful spirit
  Wild goose flies: two arms lateral raise, left palm gradually lifts upward, right arm slowly falls down, two legs bend the knees with half crouch, and head turns from left to right. The body movement is slow and natural, showing the dynamic statics. Thinking nothing of the brain, in a resting state, the mind is reasonable, soothing and smart, qi activity softly, slowly and steadily moves, benefiting for gentle qi and blood, and peaceful heart and spirit.
Crane dances: waist slightly moves, the shoulder blades drive the arms raise front and back. Two legs bend the knees with half crouch, the sinking and lightly closed shoulder blades drive the palms slowly press, and then the shoulder blades lift upward and open, driving the palms pushing outside. Then the shoulder blades close inside, driving the arms bend the elbow and take back the palms; the shoulder blades open, driving the palms slowly push outside. With the loosening of the shoulder and relax of the body, qi inside the body will softly ripple in the two arms, making one relaxed and happy.
  While practicing the movement, the emphasis is on the dynamics of soft and slow body movements, realizing the static mood of quiet body, gentle qi and peaceful spirit, therefore, the qi activity felt is soft and stable. So, the mood, requirements and purpose of all the methods to be achieved have very important effect on the circulation of qi activity in the exercise. Therefore, in the practice of Health Qigong, the guidance of heart and ideation is very important. However, the mood should eliminate distractions and drop the persistent mentality of having to achieve some purposes. Free the mind. In the state of soft body and gentle breath, it will naturally appear and grow. Namely, first abandon then gain it, acquiring it by chance.
  Leaning backward and exhaling: breathing guides and softens the qi
  Two palms lift to the head top, inhaling deeply. Two arms fall from sides and front raise, the upper body slightly bends forward, head leans backward, chest out, arch the back, gradually exhale. With thin, uniform, deep and long breath, slowly relax the body, the qi activity is transmitted to the whole body under the push of inner strength caused by loosening, achieving the purpose of guiding and softening the qi of Health Qigong. Guiding and softening the qi mainly refers to regulate the breath to cooperate with the limbs movement, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the circulation of qi and blood inside the body. Deep breath is an abdominal breathing, which is based on the rising and falling of diaphragm, being able to stimulate and massage five viscera and six bowels in a greater range, strengthening the gastrointestinal peristalsis and improving the digestion function. This method adopts the reverse abdominal breathing. While exhaling the abdominal muscles contract, the qi in Dantian is lifted from lower abdomen to chest, at the same time, the outside clear qi is inhaled by the nose, then the qi inside and outside will exchange and integrate inside the chest. Slowly exhaling, the abdominal muscles are relaxed, the inside qi getting nutrition will release to the limbs and hundred orifices. Lift the arms and stretch them, chest out and exhale, relax the body. All theses can help you get ride of asthma, chest congestion and other discomforts.
  Turning back to yin: emphasizing the breath and unity of mind and body
  Left foot steps forward with right palm straight, accompanying with inhaling. Then the center of gravity is moved backward, right arm rotates outside and falls down, accompanying with exhaling. The difference of Health Qigong with other sports is that it emphasizes the breath and unity of mind and body. The entire set of method of Health Qigong ·Mawangdui Daoyin Shu are all required to breath naturally and smoothly, introverted spirit, coordination of idea and body movement, so as to achieve the realm of physical and mental unity. The meaning of unity of mind and body or the connotation of harmony and unity of movement, qi and heart is that in the static state of peace and tranquility, the body and qi inside the body all unite to the smart and quiet hart. The occurrence and growth of this artistic conception should be in the state of the brain having fully rest, namely the surface consciousness stops working, making the deep slumber gradually wake up, and reaching the empty realm of deep consciousness and surface consciousness integrating (the communication of heart and mind). Therefore, it is the heart that plays a key role in the coordination and integration of movement, qi and heart, namely the deep consciousness.
  Closing form: guiding the qi return to the origin, rest and recuperate the mind
  Waist drives the two arms rotate inside and outside. The spine from sacral spine, lumbar spine, and thoracic spine to Dazhui point steadily wriggles in small range. With the slight wriggle of spine, the center of body is driven to slight lean forward and backward. Two palms successively point at the chest (Danzhong point), upper abdomen (Zhongwan point), lower abdomen (Shenjue point), guiding the qi return to the origin, rest and recuperate the mind. The sense of qi shaking around the body while exercising gradually calms down and returns to the serenity. The heart and chest is soothing, the qi inside the body is stable and gentle, irritating the hundred orifices. 
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