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My Understanding of "Pulling the Body to Make It Soft" of Health Qigong

I was a paralysis patient, as a result of the cervical disc herniation oppressing the spinal cord. At that time, my left half was unconscious, although the operation was successful, but it has left the sequelae. I have participated in a lot of activities, but ultimately "pulling the body to make it soft" of Health Qigong has sped up the pace of my recovery and bring me great benefits, so that I have basically restored to the premorbid level. Recalling my road of practicing Health Qigong, I would like to share some experience with you.

First, relax and confidence is the fundamental of "pulling the body to make it soft".

At first, when I saw the routine Tiger Spring on Its Pray, I was afraid of the movements, because I had muscle strain and dare not spring down, resulting being afraid of the difficulty, but it would breach of duty as the assistant, so I tried to practice it a little bit at home. Before long, my movements have been more and more standardized, which also made me confident. "Looking the other heel" in the routine Nine Ghosts Drawing Swords, "palms touching the instep" in the routine Moving the Hands Down the Backs and Legs and Touching the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and other movements have also managed to do them. The lumbar muscle strain, palms touching the ground and the full squat have clearly improved and enhanced, which has showed that the elderly should believe their potential.

Second, the stretch movements, as well as the slow and equal strength are the keys of "pulling the body to make it soft".

The stretch movements refer to stretch fully the muscles and tendons in the exercise to enhance the flexibility. The joints should be exercised as much as possible to achieve maximum position in every movement. Do not be lazy. The movement should be straight rather than stiff nor contrived, reflecting the calm, full and spirited state. Or "pulling the body to make it soft" will become an empty word. For example, in the routine Regulating Triple Energizers by Supporting the Sky with Both Hands, keeping the arms straight and clamping to the ears, so as to regulate the triple energizers to the greatest degree. Many elderly people have not clamped to the ears with the arms, and their elbows are always bent. But after the stressed explain, they can manage it slowly, and got benefits from "pulling the body to make it soft".

With the slow and equal strength, it can avoid the injury caused by the unsteady movements, which also helps to relieve the adhesions of soft tissue and reduce the pain. At the same time, the mood will also be quiet down, so that the exercisers have time to experience and ponder the connotation involved in the movements, in order to deepen the impression. For example, in the routine The Beginning of Heaven Starts the Movements, both palms revolving slowly inward, in order to make the centers of the palms revolve to the upward and backward, that is, turning the arms and holding up the palms, which is conductive to smooth three yang channels of hand and three yin channels of hand. It is the reason that twisting a towel can make it dry more easily than simply press a towel.

In short, pay attention the "stretch" and "slow", to speed up the pace of "pulling the body to make it soft".

Third, emphasis on the role of meridians and acupoints is the power station of "pulling the body to make it soft".

"Meridians are related to the life and death, are used to cure the diseases, and regulate the deficiency and excess, so the meridians cannot obstruct. “I have found the meridians and acupoints mentioned in the methods, and read many books, e.g. Pictorial Handbook on the Meridians and Acupoints in the Practice of Qigong (Qi Gong Xiu Lian Jing Xue Tu Shuo), Using Manual of Acupoint Massage (Xue Wei An Mo Shi Yong Shou Ce) and so on. So I have carefully studied the uses of the meridians and acupoints, and massage methods and practiced them. I have not only taught my fellow practitioners the movements, but also explained them the meridians and acupoints, in order to deepen the impression.

Four, emotional integration and experiencing the artistic conception is the activator of "pulling the body to make it soft".

Many movements of Health Qigong require the exerciser to go deep into the state, and imagine oneself is playing the Health Qigong•Wu Qin Xi , who becomes a hibiscus or white crane for a moment, flies in the sky for a while, or rises from the pool with a indescribable pleasure mood, so that the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures have disappeared, and the five taxations and seven damages have thrown away. The remaining is only the comfortable, warm and refreshing mood.

For example, when practicing the XI Exercise, both palms separating in front of the face and opening upward, imagining that a lotus flower blooming in front of the face, looking the blue sky forward and upward, and then drawing back the palms, imagining the essence Qi of the nature going into the triple energizers from Baihui acupoint, making the sound of "XI" and imagining that the exhaust Qi and foul air have discharged away, so that the body has been recuperated. With emotional integration, the exerciser will achieve the selfless state without thinking, in which the exerciser wandering the boundless with peace of mind.

Health Qigong is a great cause that Chinese people have dedicated to the human health and happiness. As Chinese people, we should be infinitely proud. It is with scientific theory, reasonable method, coherent movements, beautiful postures, pleasant music, and without any side effects. It has helped me to restore my physical ability and flexibility without pains. Practicing Health Qigong will certainly spend the old age happily.

(Tong Yunhua)

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