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How to master “Bear Sway” of Wu Qin Xi(III)

V. Teach and practice closely following the "Three Regulations" elements

Body Regulation, Breath Regulation, and Mind Regulation are the three basic elements of the Health Qigong exercise. Body Regulation is through the relative movement between tendons, membranes, bones, and flesh, and it is an introduction for beginners of Health Qigong; Breath Regulation is the active and conscious regulation and control of the number and depth of breath so that it meets the requirements and goals of practice, and it is an important part and method of practicing Health Qigong; Mind Regulation is the regulation and use of self-consciousness and thinking activities to achieve the requirements and purpose of practicing, and it is the core of Body Regulation and spirit.

"Three-Regulations-in-One" is specifically applied in the teaching of "Bear Sway" action skill. Body Regulation, first of all, refers to gesture position of hand-shape and step-shape in static state, such as bear paws in hand-shape, after the deficiency step backward and the former heart of fists on the navel, the back heart of fist backward to the Mingmen point; besides, the route of the swinging of arms forward and backward and twisting of waist and shaking shoulders in dynamic state. Breath Regulation refers to inhaling when the hips and legs are lifted, exhaling when falling down and vibrating, and inhaling forward and exhaling afterward. Mind Regulation, that is mind or feeling. We shall imagine that yourself as a bear in the forest, twist waist and keep abdomen in, and walk freely.

"Three-Regulations-in-One" is specifically applied in the practice of "Bear Sway" action technique. Practice three times. The first time, regulate the body mainly, meaning the change of strength in action posture, direction, route and movements; the second time, mainly regulate the breath to cooperate with actions based on the formula of inhaling when starting and opening and then exhaling when falling and closing, and experience the application of natural breathing, reverse abdominal breathing, and levator-ani breathing, and feel the cooperation with your heart between action and breath; the third time, mainly regulate mind or artistic conception to highlight normal life of bears, even habits of different ages and genders. The practical difficulties of Wu Qin Xi are to express normal life of five animals livingly. When practicing Tiger Exercise, one shall imitate the tiger; when practicing Deer Exercise, one shall imitate the deer; when practicing Bear Exercise, one shall imitate the bear. When teaching Wu Qin Xi in Germany, a student told me that the German "Bear" is fierce, and I said "You shall imitate the fierce bear."

In short, with the popularization and promotion of the Health Qigong at home and abroad, it is necessary to clarify the ideas, to standardize the movement skills, to have a variety of methods and means, and to have a clear effect in the teaching and learning of exercises. “Practice a thousand times and you will act naturally”, “Ten thousand times, you would understand the principal thoroughly”, “Skilled actions result in gradual enlightenment, from strength to spirit”, so it is crucial to practice more and understand more.

(By Xie Yelei)

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