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Nurture the Body, Qi and Spirit Together-The Experience in Practicing the Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin(Ⅳ)

Alternating Motion and Stillness - Warm the Navel

Palms fold on the navel, the left palm is bare-handed and the right palm is lightly against the back of left palm, eyes are closed. Stand upright, relax the Baihui point, and exerciser feel a slight sense of moving upward. Open the shoulders with the sinking of shoulders, loose the waist, tighten the buttocks and lower the hip, and are intended to keep the navel-Shenque point intentionally or unintentionally. The interior Qi of the palms meet the Qi around the Shenque point, and they are harmonized together, so as to achieve the effects of coordination between the heart and the kidney, coordinating water and fire, regulating the balance of yin and yang. This could be due to the fact that Laogong point is in the pericardium channel, the navel is over against the vital gate, which has the functions of kidney, Qi of the cinnabar field and the vital gate are harmonized gradually in practice, after exercisers have certain skills. Thus the Laogong point is over against the navel, be intended to protect the navel, which has the effects of nourishing the spirit and Qi, strengthening the body and coordination between the heart and the kidney. There are no worries or sufferings in the mind gradually by having a good rest to recuperate. The vital Qi in the body is actively and the chest holds nothing. Qi of cinnabar field is smooth and communicates with the Qi of vital gate. The navel generates warm feeling naturally, and exerciser enters into the abdominal respiration life nourishing state of” exhaling continuously and inhale softly”.

When the palms massaging the abdomen in clockwise direction, the massage begins from the left side, and the force is energized from the root of the left palm, and is transmitted to the root of the right palm through the outside of the left little finger. Using the root of the right palm, you can massage the frontends of ring finger, middle finger and index finger of the left hand slightly one by one. Then the fingers of right hand massage the left fingers, and the force is transmitted to the root of left palm, through the outside of the left thumb. The Laogong point is over against the navel. The massage goes evenly and leisurely in the way of continuous wave-type.

The eyes are closed; the palms hold nothing and stack at the navel, it is not just the body in a static state, but the outside is static with a dynamic inner, which emphasizes the surface layer of consciousness, the deep layer of consciousness and the training of Qi. That is, the external features of the body is static, the brain (i.e., the surface layer of the consciousness) need enter a resting state (i.e., extinguished distractions), unintentionally, the mind (i.e., the deep layer of the consciousness) is like a beacon, which shines the blood and Qi in the body flows naturally according certain rules. The massage of the abdomen after the static state of the body, makes the deep layer of the consciousness that has been awakened return to our bodies, so that the pure ethereal heart organically combines with the massage movements, namely the combination of movement and stillness. So as to penetrate the life nourishing method of “smoothing the body, Qi and spirit”

Turning the Mind Inward and Internal Focus - Shaking the Body

Palms separate apart slowly and move forward to the knees. There is a feeling of warmth transmitting to the knees all of a sudden; close the eyes and turn the mind inward and internal focus “the seabed" – Huiyin point. With the upper body swinging around lively and consistently, there is a ball of rotating Qi in the abdomen naturally. According to the static level the exerciser gets into in each practice, the rotating interior Qi of cinnabar field changes in the size and power. When the Qi is strong, it seems that a kind of invisible force will float the body, and the whole person is like floating on the boundless sea, which brings people an unpredictable sense, and however sometimes it is very weak. Internal focus the "seabed", with "shaking the body”, which is conductive to dredge the Ren channel and Du channel, guide the vital Qi and regulate Qi and blood of the whole body.

Coordinating Mind and Body - Rinsing Mouth and Swallowing Saliva

Bend the elbows; take the palms back to the navel and the palms grip and fall on the root part of the thigh. The movements are lively, coherent, flexible and continuously. Calm the mind without attaching, unblocked the triple burner and breathing into your belly, which has the boldness of vision that face the music, unflustered under pressure and as solid as a rock. The lip closes slightly and the tip of the tongue stirs and rinse in the mouth, and exerciser should imagine that the mouth is full of body fluid; when exhale slowly and swallow, send the body fluid to cinnabar field with the idea, and it is like a tricklet straight into cinnabar field. Tongue stirring and rinse with the ideas, as well as with the ideas in the swallowing process, which is conductive to digest and dissolve stasis, relieve fatigue, postpone the aging and health-enhancing. In particular, it mobilizes and stimulates the interior Qi of cinnabar field, and then contributes to the flow of blood and Qi, nourishing the internal organs and the whole body.

Nurturing the Body, Qi and Spirit - Closing Body

Take both fists back to the waist, while breathing in, abdomen in and levator ani, open the shoulders and chest, and then hold breath. In the process of holding breath, two wrists are crossed before the chest and support front with slight force, the back holds backward and the movements pause slightly. Part of the air, which is inhaled in the process of holding breath, will naturally dissipated by the chest and cinnabar field, and thus exerciser do not feel oppressed; with fists falling down and changing into palms, accompanied by breath out, loose belly and the anus slowly, body cells are relaxed in conduction-style all of sudden, as if the burden of life is relieved suddenly and the mind is calm and comfortable.

The palms hold up to 45 degrees in front of the body, open-minded, the heart and mind understand the thorough meaning suddenly, as if a beacon is lit in the mind, the ignorance disappear and the wisdom appeared. This is the development of proficiency, and it is the true meaning of "calmness generates wisdom"; the palms press down and support on the inside of the knees, the Qi surging in the body calm down gradually and attributed to cinnabar field, and the neutralizing Qi flows in the whole body. Take the left foot back to the inside of the right foot and stand in parallel. The mind is quiet and safely. Back to normal.

(By Gong Lihui)

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