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location: Frist page Experts Build Brand for Health Qigong with Solid Effort——Record of Health Qigong Promotion in Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
Build Brand for Health Qigong with Solid Effort——Record of Health Qigong Promotion in Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

Origin: Feeling of the chairman of Sports Association for the Aged People

The fast development of Health Qigong in Xishan District started in the lunar New Year of 2006. Gao Jingliang, the chairman of Sports Association for the Aged People firstly saw a Health Qigong show organized by the city and felt it should be a good exercise item for the public, especially for the middle-and-old aged people. Therefore, just in the same day, Gao Jingliang and other people from the Association went to the Urban Health Qigong Association and watched the Health Qigong teachers’ performance on site. After understanding the sport and significance of Health Qigong, they agreed that the Health Qigong promoted by State Physical Cultural Administration was authoritative, easy-study, safe and good-fitness effect and should be popularized in the whole district.

Gao Jingliang said: “The promotion of Health Qigong is significant. First, Health Qigong is a kind of healthy and civilized sports item, which can meet the ever-increasing demand of the aged people for fitness; second, if the healthy fitness form can be pushed to every corner of city and town, it would become a special contribution to the harmonious society building; third, Health Qigong is easy to be studied for fitness and has less demand for sites and equipments. It is proved that it can present the enhanced physic and long life effects with long-time practice. ” The deep understanding and confidence in Health Qigong produce the strong pushing force. With the careful planning and potently coordination of the Sports Association for the Aged People, Health Qigong has been rapidly developed in Xishan District.

Promotion: Health Qigong activities in the whole district

The Sports Association for the Aged People agrees that Health Qigong has no special demands on sites and equipments and is easy to be studied by the elder and young and performed in various large-scale shows, so they have decided to build Health Qigong as a fitness brand in the region. So they confirmed the target of Health Qigong for “villages, groups and people” at the end of 2009 to make Health Qigong widespread, strong-effective and excellent.

In March of 2007, with the help and support of Cultural and Physical Agency of Xishan District, the district Sports Association for the Aged People held the Health Qigong training of 3-level social physical tutor which was attended by more than 250 people. Every village sent 2 leading people to the Health Qigong training. This was a thorough training which made Health Qigong widespread in all the towns and villages and became scenery on street.

In the few months after that, 114 village commissions of the whole district built 141 Health Qigong teams. In order to help the building of the Health Qigong teams and facilitate the practice level improvement, the district Sports Association for the Aged People annually held Health Qigong show contests in all the towns, villages and groups and developed the performance and assessment on the basis of the contests. Just because of the promotion and advancement of the contests, Health Qigong was popularized in the district and the practice level was improved. In the just finished First Health Qigong Exchange Contest in Jiangsu Province, the Wuxi Health Qigong team based on Xishan-district players received 2 silver and 2 golden medals. Their performance obtained the high commendation from the experts and other teams. Besides the daily practice, all the villages in the district had Health Qigong teams and often held trainings and contests, which effectively promoted the improvement of the public health and building of the harmonious society.

In order to push Health Qigong development, the district Sports Association for the Aged people always created chances to show Health Qigong in various large-scale cultural and physical events in the district. In the opening of the 2nd Sports Meeting of Xianshan District in October 2008, the performance of 4-method Health Qigong by 1008 aged people organized by the district, town and village Sports Associations for the aged people was a highlight. The performance was 3minutes and 45 seconds, but obtained the appreciative comments from all the leaders and media. In the Health Qigong Exhibits held in Wuxi in 2007 and 2008, the show team organized by Xishan District Sports Association for the Aged People won twice “Excellent Performance” and “Excellent Organization” awards. In June 2009, Xishan District firstly held the “2009 National Villages’ Health Qigong Exchange Series” in Jiangsu Province, which further promoted Health Qigong in the whole district.

On this basis, the district started a new round of Health Qigong training promotion. It was required that the 4-set Health Qigong methods should be popularized in towns (streets) and 2-set methods should be developed in villages and all the natural villages should have Health Qigong practice groups. By the end of October 2009, there were 296 Health Qigong teams and 10213 people attended in the whole district.

Measures: Systematic and Effective Guarantee

The development of Health Qigong in Xishan District is closely connected with the effective working of the district promoters for Health Qigong. For realizing the expected targets and tasks, the district Sports Association for the Aged People proposed and implemented the comprehensive support measures for Health Qigong.

Organizing training courses is a major measure of Xishan District to promote Health Qigong. They trained many fitness leading people who became the major force to popularize Health Qigong. During the promoting, the leading teams in each group (natural village) helped the local Health Qigong learners one to one and called more and more people to exercise Health Qigong. In order to impact the public to learn Health Qigong, the work staff of the district Association, practiced at least twice Health Qigong every day and it’s noted that some leaders of the district also joined Health Qigong practice activities.

For the organized and fixed-scale Health Qigong activities, Xishang District focused on the building of the Health Qigong stations. In order to meet the public demands, they actively created the conditions and made the stations become the self-managed, audio-equipped, regulated and account -recorded. They combined the Health Qigong activities with the morning and evening exercises of the middle-and-old aged people and made Health Qigong become the major practice item. Many people said they had never known Health Qigong, but the music of Health Qigong broadcasted every day was beautiful and the movements were slow and easy, so they just exercised and naturally became the fixed members. Now practicing Health Qigong became their habit and they all felt refreshed after exercise.

For the rapid and healthy development of Health Qigong, the district Sports Association for the Aged People fully used its own “Aged People Fitness Press”, made discs, drafted bulletins and timely reported the news, stories and experience of Health Qigong promoted in towns (streets) and villages to call on the passion of the people to participate in the Health Qigong activities.

In order to encourage the middle-and-old aged people to practice Health Qigong, the district Sports Association for the Aged People examined the Health Qigong activities organized by the towns (streets) and villages, awarded the good-performance units and individuals and built the positive atmosphere.

Achievement: New Life Endowed by Health Qigong

The promotion of Health Qigong in Xishan District has brought many positive benefits, which facilitates the harmonious society and improve the public’s physical and mental health. Moreover, some aged people won their new life back from the Health Qigong practice.

Zhen Caifen, an aged woman in Xiqiao Village, Ehu Town of Xishan District got Parkinson disease several years ago and suffered the pain every day with shaking hands and unsteady walking. With the daily practice of Health Qigong, her disease was cured gradually. After more than one year treatment and Health Qigong practice, her hands did not shake any more. She could walk 10 times around the village and exercised 6-time Wu Qin Xi or Ba Duan Jin. Now Zheng Caifen is recovered as a normal person. Another aged woman, He Jufen, who suffered serious Periathritis and needed help of others for having cloth and combing, could freely raise her hands over her head after one-year Health Qigong practice. The ladies emotionally said: “Health Qigong gave us new life and health and made us vigorous. We are not the burden of our families, but a support force.”

(Heng Heng)

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