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Experience of Teaching “Hibiscus Rising out of Water”(1)

Health Qigong • Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa is a set of Daoyin methods that can improve the functions of five organs and six bowels and prevent and cure diseases. By integrating the mind and form, regulating breath according to movements, and performing gentle limb movements, it promotes the balance of yin qi, strength of yang qi, circulation of blood and qi in the body as well as the stabilization of nervous systems so as to maintain body health and life longevity. For the purpose of Health Qigong exercisers, the article interprets the movements and teaching of “Hibiscus Rising out of Water” in Health Qigong • Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa.


Movement One: Feet standing together, with palm backs against each other in front of the abdomen; left foot moving out towards left after dipping on the floor, then gradually setting on the floor with body weight shifting in the middle. Basically there are two requirements in the process of foot moving and body weight shifting. First, shoulders should be always kept in their equilibrium. Second, Body weight should be shifted gradually with no fluctuations of ups and downs. In the course of legs stretching straight, the hundred convergences should be lifted upwards, with elbows drooping but palms extruding. Gradually four times bending is finished, and when palms at the level of mouth and after nails flipped, they should be separated oppositely so as to form a shape of a straight line. When flipping nails, gestures should be soft and gentle.

Movement Two: Body weight shifting left, while body turning left about 45 degree with waist as its pivot, then arms turned internally and changed into fists;when right hand moving left forward about 45 degree, eyes should be on the right fist and right foot moving out; with body weight gradually lowered and waist slightly right turned, the body should keep straight. Meanwhile, right arm needs to be retreated to the right chest. Then after squatting, legs crossed to form a packing step while head turning left and wrists moving upward. During the whole process, waist, being the pivot, should be coordinated with those left and right turns. With measured speed and smooth movements, the ups and downs of head, eyes, hands, waist, legs and body weight should be coherent and coordinated. When waist gradually turning right, there are two strands of strength, one being the arms internally turned and palms clapped, and the other being waist right turned but head left turned.

Movement Three: Fists changed into palms with elbows lowered, palms lifted upward in a shape of holding a lotus; with eyes fixed on the palms while hundred convergence and body weight gradually upward lifted, right foot moving out then back to the original. When right foot setting on the floor, toes should be first, followed by heels, with body weight in the middle. During the process of left foot moving out and body weight shifting, shoulders and body weight should always be kept in balance. In the course of legs stretching straight, palms should be upwards moved with head upward looking and eyes fixed on the palms. Besides, both arms and legs should be kept straight simultaneously.

Movement Four: Arms internally turned in a shape of a straight line and body weight shifting right at same time; after left foot retreated back, toes dipping on the floor; right leg keeping straight and the heel of left foot setting on the floor while arms dropping downward simultaneously. That is, in the course of legs stretching straight, there are two strands of strength, one being hundred convergences always lifting upwards while feet dropping downwards, the other being arms dropping while body weight upward shifted.

(Liu Yuxing)

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