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location: Frist page Notices Invitation & Announcement of ‘Belt and Road, Heart to Heart’- Health Qigong Lecture Hall 2022
Invitation & Announcement of ‘Belt and Road, Heart to Heart’- Health Qigong Lecture Hall 2022


‘Belt and Road, Heart to Heart’- Health Qigong Lecture Hall 2022.

23 April to 26 November in 2022.

1. Organizers   
International Health Qigong Federation.
Chinese Health Qigong Association.
2. Hosts
Zhengzhou University, China.
Henan Health Qigong Association of China.
Beijing Longcai Sports Group. 

1. Online:‘Belt and Road, Heart to Heart’ at www.ihqfo.org.
2. Offline: Zhengzhou University.

Health Qigong enthusiasts and practitioners from countries and regions along the 
'Belt and Road' and related areas.

1. Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony of the Lecture Hall will be held on Saturday, 23 April at 16:10-16:30 (Beijing time). After the opening ceremony, the first session of the  Cultural Lecture will be organized at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time), with the theme of <Qi’ and Traditional Chinese Culture>.

2. Cultural Lectures
The lectures will focus on the origin, characteristics, theory and efficacy of the Health Qigong·Ba Duan Jin. The connotation and extension of Ba Duan Jin are explained from the theory of breadth and depth.Eight lectures will be organized in total. Following the first lecture on April 23th others will be organized at the following details:
(1)The second lecture, entitled < Thousand Year Journey of Ba Duan Jin>, will 
take place on Friday, May 20th at 16:30 to 18:00 (Beijing time).
(2)The third lecture, entitled <Theory and Technique of Ba Duan Jin >, will 
take place on Friday, June 17th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).
(3)The fourth lecture, entitled <Principles of Chinese Medicine with Ba Duan 
Jin>, will take place on Friday, July 8th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).
(4)The fifth lecture, entitled <Exercise Essentials of Ba Duan Jin Practice>, 
will take place on Friday, July 29th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).
(5)The sixth lecture, entitled <Effectiveness of the Ba Duan Jin>, will take 
place on Friday, August 19th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).
(6)The seventh lecture, entitled <Practice of Keeping Healthy in Ba Duan Jin>, 
will take place on Friday, September 9th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).
(7)The eighth lecture, entitled <Realm of Ba Duan Jin Practice>, will take 
place on Friday, September 30th at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time).

3.HQ Training
Eight training sessions on Health Qigong·Ba Duan Jin will be organized on May 13(Friday), June 10 (Friday), July 1 (Friday), July 22 (Friday), August 12 (Friday), September 2 (Friday), September 23 (Friday), and October 14 (Friday). Therein, July 22 and October 14 are Q&A. Each teaching time is scheduled to be held at 16:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time). After the training of the day, participants can watch the replay on the column of ‘Belt and Road, Heart to Heart’ at www.ihqfo.org

4.‘Heart to Heart’ Exchange Salon
A total of eight salons entitled health and Friendship will be organized on May 7 (Saturday), May 28 (Saturday), June 25 (Saturday), July 16 (Saturday), August 6 (Saturday), August 27 (Saturday), September 17 (Saturday) and October 8 (Saturday). Each salon is scheduled to be held at 16:30-18:00 (Beijing time). At that time, with the theme of Health Qigong - Health and Friendship, 2-3 organization leaders or their backbones will be invited to meet, interact and communicate with the majority of Health Qigong fans in each issue.

5.Thematic Essays 
(1) With the theme of ‘Ba Duan Jin’, the writing activity will be carried out from April to October. 
Some requirements are as follows.The article should be rooted in the real experience of Ba Duan Jin, including feelings, impressions, typical experiences and good results of learning or teaching Ba Duan Jin. Touching stories around you are preferred. Promising visions of learning and spreading Ba Duan Jin and suggestions for promoting the international development of Ba Duan Jin are required.    
(2)Submissions must be submitted to users@ihqfo.org before October 31st. After the initial review, the papers will be published on the column of "Belt and Road", and some of the works will be recommended and published on relevant media. All contributors are bound to receive the Health and Friendship Award.

6.Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony will be held on November 5th (Saturday) at 16:30 -(be 18:30(Beijing time). The organizer will summarize and review the course of the Lecture Hall activities and play the sidelights; lecturing experts and student representatives make speeches; representatives of writing activity tell the theme story of Ba Duan Jin; the guests of exchange salon will show the ‘Heart to Heart’ results 
and development vision on the ‘Belt and Road’

Mr. WANG Jianjun,  Mr. WU Zhipeng
Tel: 0086 (10) 67051231 / 87187160
E-mail: users@ihqfo.org
2. Zhengzhou University
Mr. SI Hongyu,  Ms. MA Kaiting
Tel: 0086 (371) 67730188 
0086 13072689730
E-mail: users@ihqfo.org

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Annoucement of Lecture Hall 2022

Thematic Essay Submission Form of Lecture Hall 2022

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