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Health Qigong · Shi Er Duan Jin

  The name Shi Er Duan Jin first appeared in the period of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1736-1796), and it is a sittingposture and healthp-reserving exercise.
  Health Qigong·Shi Er Duan Jin inherits the essences of different schools of the original exercise and puts more emphasis on the movements of the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs. With focus on the whole body exercise, it provides disease-preventing, body-building, and life-prolonging effects.
  Health Qigong·Shi Er Duan Jin, is characterized by coordinated mind and form, combined motion and respiration, alternated motion and stillness, simultaneous cultivation of form and spirit, and emphasis on stretching and massaging. It is an exercise suitable for people of different physical conditions.
  Long-term exercise of it helps to enhance practitioners’ blood vessel flexibility, reduce the risk of elderly atherosclerosis, improve heart and lung function, and lower fat content, especially the heart function and the overall function of the cardiac nerve of the elderly.

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