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Teaching Methods of Health Qigong﹒Da Wu----Stretching Waist Position(Ⅱ)

II. Essentials and knack of the movement

1.With the “root” of the action, the key of the essentials is from internal moving to external stretching, from heart and qi returning. The root of leg is the hip, the root of arm is the shoulder, the root of body is the wrist, the “total root” of movement is the heart, and the so called heart moving is actually the body moving. Peaceful heart causes the calming mind, which causes the qi returning to the origin, and then you can save your energy, then stretching, which cause dropping, then pause, which cause steady, then germination, which causes grow, then withdrawing. Therefore, you should find the starting point of the movement, starting from “heart”, regulating the heart is essential, so as to make the heart simple, releasing and closing and sincere with ease, make it benevolent and tolerant, and make the love nourishing and guiding the movement, so as to achieve the aim of mind leading the dance, dance regulating the heart.

2.Through joint palms, and stretching, extending, closing and restraining of body and four limbs as well as other methods, the action emphasizes on regulating the heart. Heart is one of the five viscera, the monarch’s hall. Heart hides the mind, being the house of mind, directing the circulation of blood vessel, its greatness shows on the surface, inside the body, heart connects with blood vessel. Inducing resuscitation starts from tongue, which is the sprout of heart, reflecting the physiological function of heart and pathological change. On the side of body fluid, it shows as the sweat, corresponding with thought on the side of seven emotions. Therefore, while joint the palms, the palm center should be empty, Laogong point faces each other naturally, and there is a space to transport and transform. Ten fingers close, then the Jing point connects and ten fingers link the heart, benefiting for the balance of qi and blood, and relieving the heart and calming the mind.

3.Pull from the two points and finish in two steps, the force point lies in the two points, and the middle should be relaxed. Step one, with the force point at the back heel, stretch towards the slanting underneath, while stretching, relax the spinal column and Mingmen, stretching from Huantiao point to Weizhong point, then to the Chengshan point, from which to the heel, then stretching with the force point at the heel. Stretch the arm toward upper front, when the arm is to be straight, the lower chin should return to the big arm on both sides of the ears, keep cervical vertebra the normal physiological position to coordinating with the stretching and pulling of the arms. When the arms are stretching, bend the elbow slightly, not rigidly, keep the palm center empty, connect ten fingers, do not separate the palm root, and then stretch towards the slanting upward side with the force point of Zhongchong point at the top of middle finger. While you stretch, relax the spine and scapula, the relax of Jianjing point stretches to Quze point, which stretches to Laogong point, then to Zhongchong, then stretching with the force point of Zhongchong. Step two, back heel leaves the ground, and raise the heel, stretch towards the slanting downward side with the force point of feet, meanwhile, support Yongquan point, slightly bend the knee joint of the front legs, the essentials of body and limbs are similar with the former.

4.Stretching is practice, restraining is maintenance, through the corresponding modality of joint palms adducting with bending waist and raising the tails, achieving heart and mind restraining, internal nourish, kidney water aiding upwards the heart. When the arms withdraw, centered by “heart”, relax the Jianjia, relax and sink Jianjing, arms naturally drops and recovers to the front of the chest, making Laogong point and Danzhong point the same height, keep an empty palm center. Do not lift head excessively, at the angle of looking the upper front; you should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to keep the sincere heat and respectful looks, smiling. When the gravity center moves backward, straighten the front legs, and the point up the Dadun point of the front foot, coordinating with raising tails and bending the waist, stretching to bladder meridian. Bladder and kidney remains the mutual exterior and interior, driving the kidney qi, raising tails is easy to send up yang qi, guiding and lifting kidney water, stimulating the connection of heart and kidney, then coordinating water and fire, and balancing yin and yang.

5.The subsequent actions of lifting head and raising tails should be slow and soft, fast and tight should be avoided, especially the movement of getting up and turning upright. Head and tails should be slow and neutral. When you get up, coordinate with the recovery of lower chin, corresponding with the relaxing and sinking of Jianjing point. Loose hips and wrist to coordinate with each other, guiding qi downwards and returning to the origin.

6.You should avoid both feet standing in a straight line while stepping forward, keep the body stable. While you stretch forward, the arms, body and back legs should be in a straight line, avoid sudden force and strong force while stretching, loose with tight, and slow with soft. When the gravity center moves backward, pointing up from Dadun point outside of front foot’s big toe, meanwhile fully upwarping buttocks and bending waist, slowly and continually stretching through both sides of hands and feet, guide joint by joint, stretching the tendons and pulling the bones, regulate Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel, and guide three jiao, stimulating the circulation of qi and blood of muscles, ligaments and soft tissues of all the joints. Through the reverse stretching of spine, it can help to take care and recover the cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra and the lower limb joints.

(By Lei Bin)

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