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Three Mechanisms of Health Qigong: Harmony, Supplement and Circulation(Ⅱ)

Three main mechanisms: harmony, supplement and circulation


It means balance and harmony. "Harmony is the most precious" is one of the core ideas of Confucian School. "Harmony" in Health Qigong is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first one is the harmony of body and spirit. Body and spirit are two indispensable aspects in the life activities of the human body. If the function of spirit is imperfect, the human body will be only left with body, as a saying goes, "a walking corpse and running flesh". On the contrary, if the body is absent, the spirit cannot exist indepedently. Therefore, the harmony and coordination of body and spirit is the prerequisite of human health. As a saying goes, "the combination of body and spirit will lead a life ending naturally". This exactly coincides with the health concept of the modern people. The second one is the regulation of seven emotions. "Seven emotions" in traditional Chinese medicine refer to delight, anger, worry, missing, grief, fear and shock, i.e. various emotions of human. Severe or long-term bad emotion changes will seriously endanger the health of the human body, and thus become a pathogenic factor. Bad emotions can make a healthy person fall ill, but also aggravate the patient's condition, and cause the recurrence of disease after it is stabilized. The group exercise activities of Health Qigong provide a regular pace of life, and the interpersonal communication (communications of exercise experience, though, life and work) broaden the life circle of the exercisers and increase the contents of communication. This is benefit for removing the adverse emotional stimulation. The process of "integrating three regulations" in Qigong exercise can shift the people's attention, and thereby help the people "get rid of" the adverse mental state. In addition, the enhancement of constitution can improve the adverse emotions and is conducive to breaking the vicious circle that "diseases cause depression, and depression further causes diseases".


It means the supplementary and strength effect of Health Qigong on the human body, i.e. the supplement to the essence, qi and spirit of the human body. The ancients believed that essence, qi and spirit are the three major substances composing the human body, as well as the physical foundation and outward manifestation of functional activities of the body parts. Qi of the human body has five functions: promoting, warming, defense, metabolism and containment. The same is true to the essence and the spirit. For the human body, they have different functions. The following three phenomena are the specific manifestations of "supplement": First of all, many exercisers do not get cold as frequently as before, and even they catch a cold occasionally, the symptoms are mild and only last for a short time. This is because the defense mechanism of qi is strengthened. In the experimental research, the effect reflects as the enhancement of some indicators (e.g. activity of NK cells) of immunity of the exerciser. Second, exercisers show some common phenomena in the process of exercise, such as increased appetite, normal stools, exuberant physical strength and so on, which are the manifestations of the enhanced promoting effect and metabolism effect of qi. The changes to cardio-pulmonary function and bone mineral density shown in the experimental research center are the results of "supplement" theoretically. Third, the capabilities of the senior are significantly improved after a certain period of exercise, reflected as the accelerated mental arithmetic speed, the improved memory span and the improved multiple intelligence indicators. These are the specific manifestations of brain health and intelligence promotion.


It means smooth and circulated. To keep healthy, the body must "smooth" in many aspects such as breathing, urine and stool, channels and network vessels, qi and blood, joint movement, etc. Particularly, the smooth flow of channels and network vessels and the smooth and free movement of joints are most beneficial for the human body. The channels and network vessels of the human body spreads across the whole body, have the effects of circulating qi and blood, connecting the up and down, inside and outside, and balancing yin and yang, and are closely concerned with blood circulation of human body, especially the microcirculation. Qigong was called Daoyin. "Three Regulations" of Qigong is actually three forms of Doyin: body Daoyin, Tuna Daoyin and idea Daoyin. They can keep channels and network vessels smooth, and freely circulate qi and blood. Studies show that insisting on exercising Qigong can significantly reduce the blood viscosity, improve the microcirculation indicators such as shape and openness of blood capillary and enhance the cardiac function. With the combined effect, the microcirculation is greatly improved, which is of great significance to the blood supply of important organs such as heart and brain. Health Qigong is a method focusing on motion. It can regulate the spine and all joints of the entire body. Specifically, it can increase the mobility and flexibility of joints by methods such as extension, contraction, rotation and traction, which further will be beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of common diseases and frequently encountered diseases (e.g. cervical spondylosis, lumbocrural pain, scapulohumeral periarthritis) and have the double effects of physical health and bodybuilding.

(By Huang Jian)

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