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The 4th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium Successfully Held

On August 10, 2019, the 4th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium was held in Melbourne, Australia. The theme of the forum was “Communicating Health Qigong and Sharing Healthy Life”. Experts and scholars from China, France, Britain, Canada, Indonesia, Serbia and other countries and regions elaborated their respective research results from different perspectives.
Prof. Wang Zhen of Shanghai University of Sport gave a report titled "Development and Practice of Health Qigong Exercise Intervention Prescription for Parkinson's Disease".

Mr. Zhang Mingliang, Beijing Huangting Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, expounded "Health Qigong - a model of integration of traditional Chinese sports and traditional Chinese medicine" from the perspective of traditional culture, and carried out a detailed analysis in combination with the specific Health Qigong exercises.

Mr. Edward Ho from Canadian Chinese Health Qigong Organization brought a study entitled “Personalized Health Qigong Exercise Prescription”. Through the use of meridian energy analyzer, the indicators of the testers before and after the test were collected for statistical analysis.

Mrs. Nikola G. Day, from the UK's Fibbersley Park Primary Academy, studied the effects of Health Qigong on the physical and mental health of primary school students by teaching Health Qigong in a primary school in the UK. After more than a year of Health Qigong practice, the children have gained happiness and health, and the Fibbersley Park School has achieved the best national test scores in recent years. 2019 - In 2020, the Fibbersley Park School will offer Health Qigong courses for all children aged 10-11 and provide some training for the school's employees to integrate Health Qigong into their daily lives.

In addition, Mrs. Ida Ayu Anom Rastiti from Indonesia gave a report on the effects of Health Qigong·Ba Duan Jin on the immune function of lung cancer patients. Mr. Saša Balanesković of the Serbian Health Qigong Association shared Health Qigong in Serbian culture, sports and medicine. In the case, Mrs. Ke Wen of Les Temps Du Corps used the Wu Qin Xi as an example to describe the understanding and sentiment of the combination of Health Qigong and Qi.

In recent years, some experts and scholars around the world have been committed to the scientific research of Health Qigong. In this regard, Mr. Yang Chunbo, President of IHQF, said that the World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium, which was founded in 2013, has developed into an academic platform for Health Qigong researchers and enthusiasts to exchange academic ideas and feel the charm of Chinese culture. This platform allows more and more people to understand Health Qigong, love Health Qigong, and play an active role in Health Promotion.

(Provided:Wang Jianjun, Zeng Weihong)

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