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Rules of Lian Lian Lian (practice practice practice) Health Qigong Master Imitation Fun Game

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of IHQF, and advocate the practicing spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years", IHQF, together with Jiangsu Province Health Qigong Association and Nanjing Moxun Information Technology Co., LTD, are going to hold a 30-day activity of "Lian, lian, lian (Practice, practice, practice) - Health Qigong Master Imitation Fun Game". The rules are as follows:


I. Time and place

Time: August 20, 2022 -- September 18, 2022

Location: By own arrangement (sports venue, public Space, home are all acceptable).

II. Routines of the Game

Health Qigong • Baduanjin

Health Qigong • Wuqinxi

Health Qigong • Dawu

Health Qigong • Taijiyangshengzhang

The above routines adopt the original popular ones promoted by CHQA.

III. Method of the Game

1. This fun game will be scored electronically according to the similarity of the movements by imitating the way that the master completes the full set of routine exercises online. The more standard the imitation, the higher the game score. The final scores are determined by consecutive days scores.

2. Daily participation time: 0:00am -- 24:00pm Beijing time from August 20, 2022 to September 18, 2022.

Each participant needs to participate in the practice of the online "运动吧名师堂"(yundong8) APP within the specified time to get a score. The game gets the highest score of the day (according to Beijing time), there is no limit of times. Please refer to the attachment for specific usage method.

3. The online game platform is the "运动吧名师堂"(yundong8) APP provided by Nanjing Moxun Information Technology Co., LTD. (Note: besides of the game, the APP also provides the teaching videos of famous masters of 9 kinds of routines).

IV. Registration Method

1. Health Qigong enthusiasts from Health Qigong associations, clubs and organizations all over the world can register for the game. Participants are required to be in good health regardless of age.

2. Registration method (two methods) :

(1) Complete payment and registration by scanning the QR-code on WeChat.

(2) After paying by bank transfer, obtain the account number and password provided by the event organizer to complete the registration.

For details, see the attachment.

V. Award Setting

1. There will be first, second and third prizes

The FIRST prize will be awarded if one person achieves a single score of 10500 points (including 10500 points) for 7 consecutive days or 15 days in total. 

The SECOND prize will be awarded if one person achieves a single score of 10000 points (including 10000 points) for 7 consecutive days or 15 days in total. 

The THIRD prize will be awarded if one person achieves a single score of 9500 points (including 9500 points) for 7 consecutive days or 15 days in total. 

The rest are awards for participation.

2. The electronic award certificates will be issued to those who have won the first, second and third prizes, and the electronic participation certificates will be issued to others.

3. After the end of the weekly game, the event organizer will select the top participants to record the Health Qigong videos, and will display them on the "Global Health Qigong Time" and other platforms of IHQF.

VI. Charging Standards

1. Game Registration fee: 120 RMB /20 USD per person.

2. Terms of payment:

(1) Users of WeChat pay can pay directly by scanning the QR-code on WeChat.

(2) Non-WeChat pay users, pay in US dollars by bank transfer.

Account name: International Health Qigong Federation

Bank Account number: 0200008109200136595 (USD)

SBank Name: Beijing Gymnasium Road Branch of ICBC


Address of the Bank: No. 11 Tiyuguan Rd., Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Address of IHQF: No. 50, Tiantandong Rd, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Please indicate "Lian, lian, lian, Health Qigong game" when you remit the money. After remittance, please send the remittance voucher to the email: eventregistration@163.com, and provide accurate name of participant, as well as ONE selected game item (routine). Upon receipt, the registration account and password will be issued.

VII. Contact

Contact person: Ms. Amy XIE; Mr. Zhipeng WU

Email: eventregistration@163.com (Technical support)

      wuzhipeng@ihqfo.org (IHQF)

VIII. The interpretation of the rules of the game belongs to IHQF.

Annex-How to use the APP of 运动吧名师堂(yundong8)

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