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Why Does Health Qigong Methods Value Dantian? (Ⅱ)

2. Dantian is the “pump” of genuine qi.

Dantian is the source producing genuine qi. Waking it up is like attaching a pump to it and pumping up genuine qi even when you are not doing Qigong.

The heart pumps blood flowing around the body utilizing cardiac systolic and diastolic functions. Dantian also does similar things to genuine qi, pumping them around all body parts everyday through swelling and shrinking. After waking up Dantian, the exerciser can clearly feel this pump working, and the swelling and shrinking of Dantian (the running of genuine qi) can be felt much stronger than that of the “blood pump” (the heartbeat). This can magnify the function of the qi pump and achieve the objective of enhancing vitality. Dantian, the genuine qi pump has the working status which can be referred to as the Tuoyue status. The swelling and shrinking of this pump strengthened the qi movement and can better promote the flowing of qi and blood, dredge the qi pulse and improve the blood circulation.

3. Dantian is the treasure of life nourishing.

“Training your Dantian into a life nourishing treasure, is like owning a thousand Liang of gold.”  (quoted from Sheshengzongyao) Waking up Dantian is to nourish it into a treasure to get longevity once for all. This is an invaluable real asset. Lv Zu said: “There is no need to hunt treasures because they are in your Dantian. There is no need to ask about Chan if you don’t have a calm heart.” After waking up Dantian and gaining the affluent vitality, powerful limbs, sharp eyes and ears and a light body, there is no need to go out searching the methods of becoming immortal. Waking up Dantian is the difference between Health Qigong and other sports, the best characteristic, the biggest advantage and the most powerful vitality of Health Qigong.

Genuine qi in Dantian can contribute to achieving the goal of body building. According to Guo Lin in his book Methods of Doing Qigong: “The human body's source of vitality is in Dantian. Abundant qi in Dantian makes a solid body, a loud voice and a tough spirit. Thus, Qigong masters in all dynasties regard it vital to nourish genuine qi in Dantian. Traditional TCM ideas treat Dantian as the key and origin of life, determining the length of life. Waking up Dantian can make the exerciser naturally feel the continuous qi movement, massage and strengthen his viscera, and keep him healthy.

The genuine qi in Dantian can promote the effects of meridians. The functions of meridians are the same to that of Dantian: “Connecting viscera, attaching the inner body and the outside, making qi and blood flow, nourishing the whole body, defending the evil coming from the outside and protecting the body.” This shows that the meridians are closely connected with Dantian. The genuine qi in Dantian can promote the functions of the meridians. “Dredging to prevent pain” is realized by the movement of genuine qi. Health Qigong training makes people get health and longevity by making the genuine qi move through the vessels and meridians smoothly. “Ancient classics wrote: ‘Using mind to gather genuine qi in Dantian, first inhale to close the meridians and then exhale to open the meridians. By repeating this step, the meridians can be dredged, making qi and blood flow smoothly and prevent various diseases.’” (quoted from page 171, Qigong Selections) So Dantian is really the treasure of life nourishing.

(By Ding Qiubo)

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