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How to master “Bear Sway” of Wu Qin Xi(II)

II. Make clear about the essentials of action

1.  The lumbar muscles drew the upper body of the thighs, and the legs are lifted in sequence lifting hip and legs, and bending knees.

2. The two feet move forward, the lateral distance is slightly wider than the shoulder, and the entire feet touch the ground firm, so that the vibration sense is transmitted to the hip joint, which reflects the steady and solid state of Bear Action.

III. Make clear the errors prone to occur

1. Bend knees and lift legs and step forward directly without lifting hip.

2. When the footsteps fall, the front and back distance of the two feet are too large or too wide in left and right. The heel or the sole of the feet fall firstly, not the whole sole of feet, and the hip and knee joints cannot be vibrated.

3. Twist waist and shake shoulder without keeping shoulder down firstly, and change the strength not in waist or crotch but in two knees.

IV. Understand the function of action

1. Shake the body left and right to keep spirit in two ribs and to regulate liver and spleen.

2. Move with hip lifted and slight vibration when falling to the ground to improve the strength of muscle surrounding hip joint, improve the body balance, and is helpful to prevent and cure symptoms like leg weakness, hip joint injury and knee pain.

(By Xie Yelei)

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