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The 2nd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange

The 2nd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange was held at the Basketball Hall of Beijing Shougang Company on 25th August 2007. Xiao Min, the Assistant Secretary of State General Administration of Sport attended the event and announced at the Opening Ceremony. Delegations from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, Macao, also including 35 teams of 166 athletes from 14 countries and regions participated in the exchanges show.

After 8 rounds 23 teams competitions, there were 6 delegations won the Award of Collective Excellence, 30 people achieved the Merit of Individual Excellence, 37 won the distinction of the Individual Excellence and 21 people won the Award of the Individual Performance.

The 1st Academic Seminar was also held at the tournament and exchange event. The main theme of the seminar is “The Health Qigong and physical and mental health”. There are 7 countries and 19 organizations submitted 44 theses, 11 academic researchers and scholars’ speeches at the meeting. The discussion conducted in-depth study and made some very valuable academic points of view on how does the health Qigong helps the practitioners to prove the mental health.

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