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Announcement on the Application for Establishing IHQFAcademy
All IHQF Member Organizations,

In order to meet the international development needs of Health Qigong, promote professionalization and certification of international Health Qigong instructors, establish a Health Qigong education and teaching system, IHQF Executive Board made a study and decision in August 2016, setting up a temporary principle of worldwide layout of the International Health Qigong Federation Academies (IHQF Academy), that each in one continent. (Those in Asia has been set up in China and no longer accept applications).
At present, some member organizations have expressed their intention to apply for the joint establishment of the Academy with IHQF. In order to ensure the openness, fairness, justice and sustainability of this work, IHQF decided to launch the application of establishing the IHQF Academy. Those interested in undertaking the project should submit the application materials to IHQF before July 31, 2018 according to the notification requirements.

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